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Women's Merino

Your go-to transeasonal layer


What is Merino wool?
Merino wool is a sheep’s wool that comes from the merino sheep. It is well known for being smoother and much less itchy than traditional sheep’s wool. This softer, smoother wool makes for some of the best women's merino jumpers in the UK.
What makes merino jumpers superior to synthetic ones?
Unlike a synthetic layer, merino wool is a natural material so it is very breathable. You won’t get nearly as sweaty or uncomfortable in a merino wool jumper. What’s more, if you do get sweaty in your merino wool jumper, it won’t get as smelly as a synthetic jumper would, thanks to wool’s antibacterial lanolin coating.

Merino is also better for the environment in the long run as it won’t break down to form microplastics in the wash or at the end of the jumper’s life cycle.
How does Merino wool keep you warm in winter and cool in summer?
Merino wool has hollow fibres which allow your skin to breathe. This along with its moisture wicking capabilities are what makes it so good at regulating temperature. It keeps you cool, calm and fresh.
What are the benefits of wearing womens merino jumper?
Merino wool is very good at regulating temperature. It keeps you cool when it’s warmer and warm when it’s cooler. It’s also very smell resistant and crease resistant too.
How do I care for my merino women’s jumper?
Your merino wool jumper is quite hard wearing but it still needs to be treated well to extend its life. Make sure you wash it on a wool wash, at 30℃ or below. And use non bio detergent as bio can eat away at the natural fibres, causing pilling and wearing down.
Will your merino wool shrink in the wash?
No, as long as you follow the care instructions, your merino wool jumper shouldn’t shrink in the wash. Make sure not to use a high spin setting or high temperature water, as this is what causes shrinking. Most washing machines have a wool wash setting so it should be easy to work out.