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Designer Bedding

Relax, unwind and drift off in the world’s best bedding. Turn your bedroom into a five-star hotel with beautifully made designer bedding that will stand the test of time. At Rise & Fall we appreciate strength, longevity, and a designer finish - that’s why use the finest quality, extra-long-staple cotton and expert weaving processes. Discover luxuriously soft, smooth and breathable bedding in a range of stylish colours. There’s more to sleep than great bedding but it’s a good place to start.


What makes Rise & Fall bedding luxury?
Rise & Fall designer bedding uses the finest quality extra-long-staple cotton. We’ve looked into it and concluded that Gossypium barbadense (the cotton we use) makes for the very best sheets and bedding.

You can tell you’ve got a good sheet by its thread count. We’ve woven ours into two exceptionally designed thread counts – 400TC and 600TC. All our bedding is made to last. The high-quality cotton fibres combined with expert weave patterns mean it will only get better with time - meaning no more crispy bedding for you. We’ve also woven our bedding in two luxurious thread counts – 400TC and 600TC.

Hate it when your bedding slips in the night? Our fitted sheets come with an extra-wide, grippy elastic which means it will fit your mattress whatever the size and stay put all night long.
What thread count is your bedding?
The thread count of our bedding sets depends on the two different weave types that we use.

Our Crisp & Cool Organic bedding set has a 400 thread count as it uses a percale weave, while the Soft & Smooth bedding set has a 600 thread count. The higher thread count makes this bedding set slightly weightier and warmer - with a lush, five-star feel. Though if you’re a hot sleeper and after a cooler feel, our Crisp & Cool bedding is your best bet.
What materials are available?
All our designer bedding sets are made of the finest long-staple cotton but there are two different weave types to choose from depending on your sleeping needs.

Our crisp & cool organic bedding is made with GOTS certified organic cotton. If you’re a hot sleeper and like your bedding to feel cool to the touch, this one is for you.

Our soft & smooth bedding is made with luxurious quality long-staple cotton. This bedding range is great if you’re a cold sleeper or like the feeling of five-star, silky sheets.
What makes your bedding breathable?
Much of the world’s bedding is made with synthetic fibres or a blend of synthetic and cotton. If you’ve ever slept in synthetic bedding, you’ll know it can result in an uncomfortable night.

At Rise & Fall all our bedding be that sheets, duvets or pillows are made with 100% natural materials. The high-quality cotton we use in our sheets is expertly woven to be soft, smooth and highly breathable. Our bedding doesn’t get rough or pill, in fact, it will get better with time.
What colours do the bedding sets come in?
We’ve chosen smart, classic colours for all our bedding for a look that won’t go out of style. Both the Crisp & Cool Organic bedding set and the Soft & Smooth bedding set come in white, light sage, warm grey, and ivory chalk. Choose bedding in colours that matches your room or keep it simple with classic white.
What comes in a bedding set?
All our designer bedding sets come with just enough to make your bed. That’s one fitted sheet, one duvet cover and two standard-size pillowcases - for all your bedding needs.
What sizes are available?
All Rise & Fall duvet bedding sets are available in UK Single, UK Double, EU Double, UK King, EU King, UK Super King and UK Emperor.
What other types of bedding are available?
Though our designer bedding sets come with a duvet cover, a fitted sheet and two pillowcases we do offer other luxurious bedding items too.

The Rise & Fall flat sheet is a great option for hot summer months when you don’t want to be weighed down by heavy bedding. It also works as an extra layer between your duvet and yourself.

If you like your bedding to look a little fancy, try our oxford pillowcases, which can bring an extra layer of class to your top pillows.