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Size guide
UK Standard 50x70cm

UK Super King


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The Rise & Fall take on the classic down pillow. Everything you would expect from a luxury down pillow with the added benefit that our down is recycled using the latest technology to ensure they are de-dusted, sterilised and washed to create a light and breathable filler. 100% natural & naturally degradable, this range truly does allow for the best night's sleep: you rest easy knowing you are doing your bit for the environment.


Introducing the eco-friendly alternative to a regular down pillow. Down is a natural material so temperature regulating, moisture wicking, and 100% biodegradable. The construction provides ergonomically correct support and maximum comfort.

    • 100% origin controlled, recycled down
    • 230 thread count cotton outer shell
    • De-dusted, sterilised & washed using the latest technologies
    • Our eco-friendliest pillow (and that says a lot!)
    • Down is naturally temperature regulating so expect a calm, cool night's sleep
    • Standard size (50x70cm)

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Recycled down
Made in the UK
B Corp - for people and planet
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Same manufacturer as multiple leading luxury brands


What makes a down pillow so great?
There’s a reason down pillows are so popular. Down is one of the most comfortable pillow fillings you can get. Unlike feathers that sometimes poke out of the shell, down is light, long lasting and incredibly soft.

Down is also very breathable, temperature regulating and moisture wicking - making for a cool and comfortable sleep. What’s more, the recycled down pillow is our eco-friendliest pillow yet!
What is recycled down?
The down for our recycled down pillows is 100% origin controlled, and comes from end of life luxury outerwear. It is then recycled using the latest technologies to de-dust, sterilise and wash it - to keep any dust mites at bay. Finally this light and breathable filler is wrapped in a 230 thread count cotton shell, to make our much loved down pillows.
What size down pillows are available?
The recycled down pillow comes in two sizes. We have UK Standard which measures 50 x 70 cm and UK Super King which is 50 x 90 cm.
What densities are available?
The recycled down pillow comes in three different densities: soft, medium and firm. The density all depends on how much down is inside the pillow casing.
Why does the soft recycled down pillow cost less than the firm one?
The softest down pillow contains the least amount of recycled down which is why it costs less. The more down that goes into the pillow the more firm it becomes. Hence why the medium and firm down pillows cost more.
How do I know which pillow density is right for me?
When choosing your pillow density there’s a few things to consider. Think about how you like your head to feel, and whether you like the feeling of sinking into a comfy down pillow or you prefer a more supportive one.

There’s also the position you sleep in to consider. A soft pillow is a good choice for back or stomach sleepers as it helps maintain the natural line of your neck and spine. For side sleepers, a firmer pillow helps hold your head up, again keeping the natural shape of your spine. If you have wide shoulders, all the more reason to get a firmer pillow as your head needs to be held up even further from the mattress.

If you move around a lot in your sleep, rotating from back to side, a soft or medium pillow could be a good choice. As it can be folded and fluffed to suit your position.
What other pillows are available?
As well as our recycled down pillow we also sell an organic wool pillow. The wool pillow is slightly more firm and supportive but if you love the feeling of sinking into a soft down pillow, then stick with down.
What other recycled down products are available?
Our recycled down products include the recycled down pillow and the recycled down duvet. Both highly comfortable, breathable and sustainable.