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Luxury bedding

Not all bedding is created equal. Truly luxury bedding should look good, feel good and help you drift off peacefully. Explore our range of world class bedding, specifically designed to help you get the best night’s sleep. Made from the finest quality cotton, our bedding is buttery soft against your skin and built to last. Discover luxury bedding that lasts a lifetime, in a range of gorgeous colours.


What makes Rise & Fall bedding luxury?
All Rise & Fall bedding is made with the finest cotton. We use 100% long-staple cotton which makes for soft, strong and long-lasting bedding. It’s the extra-long fibre length that helps us make stronger, finer yarns (without so many of those ties and ends that make your sheets feel rough). Honestly, give them a feel… pure luxury.

Many luxury bedding companies will use a cotton blend to get that silky, 5-star feel but we think this makes your bedding less breathable and less comfortable. That’s why we use 100% cotton because we believe bedding shouldn’t just feel and look good, it should bring you the best possible night’s sleep as well.

There are all sorts of little details that make the experience of using our bedding better too. The labels to help you get the duvet cover on right, the extra-wide elastic on our fitted sheets to help them stay put, the recycled and recyclable packaging that our bedding arrives in, and much more.

What thread counts does Rise & Fall bedding come in?
Our bedding comes in two different thread counts, 400 and 600. The thread count is determined by the weave - as different weave types will allow for different densities of threads.

A sateen weave (four up/one down) allows for a much higher thread count than percale (one up, one down) so any sateen bedding will usually have a higher thread count.

Luxury bedding isn’t as simple as having a high thread count. The ideal number allows for a good balance between softness and breathability. Too high a thread count would make your bedding heavier, less breathable - and much less luxurious!
Which bedding type should I choose, Soft & Smooth or Crisp & Cool?
Our Soft & Smooth bedding, in 600 thread count, feels extra luxurious, and soft and silky on your skin. The sateen technique allows for a higher thread count and gives it a smooth finish. If you like a little extra weight, you’re a cold sleeper, or you’re particularly looking for bedding for the cooler months, our Soft & Smooth bedding is an excellent choice.

The Crisp & Cool bedding on the other hand uses a percale weave, in 400 thread count. This makes it a little lighter and even more breathable. If you’re a hot sleeper and love the feel of cool sheets against your skin, the Crisp & Cool bedding is a great buy. It also uses GOTS certified organic cotton, which makes this luxury bedding set great for sensitive skin and peace of mind.

Whatever bedding type you choose there are a few things you won’t have to compromise on with Rise & Fall. Both bedding types are made from 100% extra-long-staple cotton. They’re very breathable and are made to last, getting better with every wash.
What colours and sizes are available?
Rise & Fall luxury bedding comes in four classic colours: white, warm grey, ivory chalk and light sage.

Bedding is available for all standard bed sizes, including UK Single, UK Double, EU Double, UK King, EU King, UK Super King, and UK Emperor.
How does the price compare to other luxury bedding companies?
Our bedding may be made with the same quality fabrics in the same factories as other luxury bedding companies but it’s a fraction of the price. To give you an idea, a UK Double Soft & Smooth Duvet Bundle is £90 at Rise & Fall. While the same bedding at Bedfolk would be £184 and at The White Company, it would be £330.
Is Rise & Fall bedding sustainable?
Our bedding is kind to both people and the planet. Our unique business model allows the manufacturers of our bedding to earn two to three times more, as we believe in rewarding them for their expertise. It also allows you, our customers, to get incredible quality bedding at a much better price.

Made with 100% natural, biodegradable materials, our bedding is kinder on the planet at the start and end of its life cycle. But don’t worry, from our sheets to our duvets all our bedding is built to last, so the end of that life cycle is a long way off!
What are people saying about Rise & Fall luxury bedding?
​​”Yay! Finally found a sheet that fits and stays where it’s supposed to.”

“Feels extremely expensive, high-end hotel vibes.”

“Superbly smooth and silky against your skin. I now have the full set of sheets, duvet cover and pillowcases and I'm loving them, especially as they cost no more than far inferior quality ones! I don't know how you do it at the price, but please carry on!”

Don’t believe us? Check out our reviews page. People seem pretty happy with their bedding.