@alice_tate gives us some insight into how 2020 has been so far for her.

@alice-tate, blogger & PR Manager at the Hoxton Hotel tells us about her experience of lockdown, gives us some tips on creating a fabulous bedroom & shares a rather delightful cookie recipe.

1. Where did you spend lockdown, with whom, and how would you describe the experience?

I spent lockdown at home with my partner in our flat in South London. Obviously it had its highs and lows — some days I just couldn't snap out of a funk — but overall, I would say that I actually really cherished the opportunity to slow down, spend more time at home, and do new and different things together. Never before for example would we prioritise or make time for a walk around the block together and I really did love getting to spend that kind of quality time together. Don't get me wrong, I'm very aware I was extremely lucky to both be working and be in a comfortable living situation with someone I love, so we were able to see the positives in the situation and really reflect on our lives — what we'd like to keep and do more of and what we'd actually like to scrap!

2. Did you create any morning and evening routines?

I definitely felt a bit more ritualistic in some ways, especially in the peak lockdown days. I really got into the Psycle IGTV Barre workouts — they're killer but felt so good to do on the reg — and a great way to workout when you're trapped indoors. For the first time every, I really got on board with a good skincare regime too. Now mornings are slower I've got time to apply my endless serums, and that actually feels pretty good — self-care and all that. On the other end of the spectrum, we got very into making Ravneet Gill's chocolate chip cookies every night — keeping a batch in the freezer is dangerous... Find the recipe for Ravneet Gill's cookies here!

3. Did you have any holiday plans before the pandemic? Where is your dream destination usually?

As luck would have it (and it's strange how things turn out!) more UK travel was what we'd always set out to do this year. I'm actively trying to be more of a conscious traveller and I know a huge part of that is cutting down on flying and overseas trips, so we actually didn't have any trips outside of the UK planned for the rest of this year. There's so much of this country we haven't yet seen, it's crazy! We were due to go to Cornwall for a week in June but we've managed to reschedule it for late September (crossing fingers for good weather) and we're spending a week camping in Scotland next week, which I can't wait for! We did manage to get to Dorset for a camping trip in June and were blessed with the most insaaaane weather. Proper felt like a holiday!

4. Tell us about making your bedroom your ‘staycation hotel room’.

I'm a sucker for a good hotel so recreating the vibe at home brings me all the joy. Good sheets really do make all the difference! I love the Cool and Crisp sheets, especially in summer — they feel so nice to jump into after a long hot day! My partner is an electrician so when we gutted and refurbed our house, he fitted everything and it's so very nice to have sockets and lamps and USB ports exactly where you want them! It makes a big difference! Talking of lighting, I love to put the lamps on in the evening before we get into bed — it sets a much nicer, more inviting mood. I bloody hate overhead lighting — it's a vibe kill. Plants always add a certain something too, though, our monstera is going to take over the whole room soon enough. It's a beast!

Alice Tate dream bedroom

5. What advice would you give others when it comes to creating a perfect bedroom?

Less is more! We've tried to keep our bedroom as stripped back as possible when it comes to furniture, to help make it feel calm and relaxing. We recently painted it from white to a warm, soft sandy colour and I love it so much more. It feels cosier and more put together. I think mirrored wardrobes are a good way to make a space feel more spacious, and plants and a few nicely curated prints to help show off your personality.

6. Who are you going to reach out to and send your postcards to?

I love writing letters and sent lots to family and friends over lockdown — there's nothing nicer than getting proper mail, right? I've just posted a couple cards to my sister and my friends who've had holidays cancelled. A little lighthearted mood-booster for them hopefully!