Caring for Your Cashmere

There’s nothing quite like cashmere for premium winter cosiness. It could be a 100% cashmere jumper, milky soft against the skin, or a cashmere and lambswool blend blanket, thrown over your knees to keep out the chill. Whatever your wools, they all need care and attention to keep them looking fresh and lasting longer.

1. Don’t wash it too often

Wool is naturally antibacterial so it doesn’t hold smells in the same way other fabrics do. You can go longer between washes by hanging your jumper by a window. It should smell good as new after a couple of hours.

2. Dry-clean or hand wash using gentle detergents and steer clear of fabric softener

If you decide to hand-wash your wools, choose a gentle, non-bio detergent (baby shampoo works like a charm). The enzymes found in biological detergents can’t tell the difference between dirt and the protein fibres that make up animal hair - so using them breaks down these fibres and causes damage over time.

3. Wash cold and dry flat

Of all the wools, cashmere is particularly sensitive to heat. What happens when you wash a cashmere jumper on a warm wash? You end up with a tiny child-size jumper. To be safe, hand wash in cold water and make sure to dry your jumpers on a flat surface, on a towel or rack.

4. Remove pilling using a cashmere comb

Pilling is natural and is caused by friction (maybe a seatbelt or purse strap or even under your armpit). Using a cashmere comb, lay the garment flat and remove the bobbles using a smooth motion moving the comb in one direction.

5. Remember to give your cashmere a break

Cashmere yarns are naturally regenerative due to the characteristics of the fibre. Because of this, cashmere items benefit from breaks between wear to allow the fibres to strengthen and renew the scales of the yarn. 

6. Protect from moths

Don’t put your woollens away dirty! Any food or body scents can attract moths. Mothballs are toxic so we prefer cedarwood or lavender. Though the best way to guarantee protection is with a sealable anti-moth bag. Handy bags like these come free with all Rise & Fall cashmere jumpers.

7. Care and repair

If you notice a hole make sure to repair it before it gets any bigger. A pull is easy to remedy by pulling the loose thread through from the other side. A hole can be sewn up or darned over depending on the size. Once you know you’ll feel proud as punch of your repair skills.

At Rise & Fall we believe in creating timeless pieces that are built to last. That’s why we use 100% A-grade Mongolian cashmere with the longest, finest yarns. With fewer ties and exposed ends, our cashmere is exceptionally soft and long-lasting. Think of us as the investment purchase. Discover our cashmere collection here.