Ruth, @bright__mama talks lockdown, evening routines & creating dreamy bedrooms

Ruth, aka @bright__mama, is all about sustainability & simplicity. She is the founder of @_bettercup and one of our dear friends here at Rise & Fall. We caught up with her to talk 2020...

1. Where did you spend lockdown, with whom, and how would you describe the experience?

We spent lockdown as an 11! Myself, my husband and our two children all travelled up to my parents' house in Norfolk along with my sister, her husband and two children and my other sister. It was a full house and pretty chaotic but we felt so lucky to be able to spend that time together. When we drove up we imagined we'd be spending maybe 2 weeks to a month there but we ended up all living together for nearly 4 months!

2. Did you create any morning and evening routines?

At first my sister and I were getting up and doing some yoga or going on an early morning walk before the children were up and the mayhem ensued but life has a way of getting in the way and that routine petered out slightly! We did still try and do a walk or yoga with the children a few times a week which was really lovely.

3. Did you have any holiday plans before the pandemic? Where is your dream destination usually?

No plans as yet, I think we're finding it helpful to just take one day at a time and not plan ahead too far. We are borrowing a friend's campervan next week for a few nights away which will be fun! Dream destinations are city breaks, I love strolling and exploring a new city. One of my favourite holidays was Rome, it has all my favourite things: culture, cobbled streets, gelato, pasta, coffee and wine! What more could you ask for!

4. Tell us about making your bedroom your ‘staycation hotel room’.

For me the best quick change is just getting rid of all clutter, anything that reminds you of the jobs that need doing and the clothes that need sorting. A clear space definitely gives me a clear mind. Next most important thing for me is candles, they set a mood and have such a calming effect and bedding, nothing says hotel more like sinking into silky soft, dreamy sheets.

5. What advice would you give others when it comes to creating a perfect bedroom?

You don't need to change everything, paint all the walls and buy 'all the things'. Keeping your bedroom clear and clean can go a long way to creating a calming sanctuary from the chaos of life.

6. Who are you going to reach out to and send your postcards to?

The children (Jet and Nova aged 4 and 2) are going to write notes to their cousins, having spent lockdown with them we miss them a lot now we're back on the south coast and they're all the way up in Northumberland!