Why You Should Invest in a Linen Dress for Summer 2024

Spring is finally upon us and it’s got us all thinking about what our go-to pieces are going to be for the warmer months. In this blog we’ll explore why linen is the fabric of choice for our summer staples, and why it's worth investing in summer linen dresses in particular. First and foremost - what is linen? Linen is made from fibres of the flax plant. It’s super strong and absorbent, drying faster than cotton. It also has a hollow fibre, which makes it really lightweight and breathable. Each of these properties make it comfortable to wear, especially in hot weather. 

So that’s why linen - but why linen dresses? The combination of a loose fitting dress and the breathability of linen make this garment the ultimate choice when the mercury rises. Moreover, linen dresses look great. They’re a classic look that never goes out of style. 

Why a linen dress is your summer must have

The ultimate in comfort and breathability

As we’ve briefly touched on, linen really is the fabric of choice if breathability and comfort are your main goals. It’s the perfect summer fabric as it’s light, thin and airy but also durable. Though a linen dress is light as air, it will last for years to come.

If that’s not enough to convince you, then consider that linen has been the fabric of choice in warmer climates for millenia. Its properties have been known since ancient times, and there’s a reason it’s still a go-to for breathable and comfortable clothing. This is why when, at Rise & Fall, we were developing our SS24 collection linen was the first material we turned to. Our linen summer dresses use the highest quality European flax linen crafted into dresses made by the world’s best manufacturers.

Versatility for every occasion

Whether you’re dressed up for a formal occasion or looking for something easy for the beach, a night out, or a wedding party, linen is all there. It is such a light material that it looks great anywhere anytime. Rise & Fall offers both 100% linen clothing dresses, which are perfect for more casual summer days, and a bespoke Future–Linen blend. 

What is Future–Linen?

This is a modern fabric that combines the enduring legacy of linen with the advanced performance of TENCEL™ Lyocell, offering a luxurious feel as well as durable wear. Made from regenerated wood fibres and known for its natural softness, Future-Linen is a testament to eco-conscious luxury. The main benefits of Future–Linen are that it is slightly more robust than 100% linen, making it more suitable for workwear, or more formal occasions.

How To Choose The Right Linen Dress For Your Body Type And Occasion:

Looking for a linen summer dresses, but don't know which is more appropriate for you? The trick to looking good in a dress is to find out your body type and dress accordingly. This way the clothes help to accentuate your complementary body parts. Below is a brief guide to body shapes and how to choose the most flattering linen dress for you. But remember - this is all subjective and whichever dress you feel is best for you is the right choice. 


The apple body shape - also referred to as a circular or round shape, usually means your shoulders, bust, waist, and hips are fairly uniform—but your shoulders and hips may be slightly narrower. Your waistline is rather undefined and you have a large bust.

Balance your body with an A-line skirt and choose a v-neck to show off your curves and open your neckline. For this purpose, a good choice is the Linen V Neck Dress.



If your hip and bust measurements are almost the same size, with a narrow waist, you most likely have an hourglass-shaped body. Other characteristics are slightly round shoulders, and rounder hips. 

– The key to finding a dress for this body type is to follow the natural silhouette and do not unbalance the body frame. In this case, you'll need a dress that shows off your curves. You can accent your beautiful slim waist with the Linen Shirt Dress with the waist tied for example. 

colour_Spicy Orange


The rectangle shape is the most common of all body types. You have a rectangle body shape if the hips are a similar width to the shoulders.

– The rectangle body shape is one of the easiest for dressing. You have a wide choice of dresses, which will look fabulous on your body type. It really depends on where you want to draw attention. If you want to add attention to your waist and highlight your torso - choose a dress with a defined waist such as the Shirt Dress. If your waist isn’t much slimmer than your bust and hips, you can skim over your waist completely and choose the Linen V Dress, or the Linen Shirt Dresses worn without the tie.


Inverted triangle

Women with inverted triangle body shapes tend to have an athletic look. You have an inverted triangle body type if you have a big bust, wide shoulders, and a narrow lower body.

– With this body shape, you want to draw attention to your lower body to create a balanced silhouette. It's also advised to look for deep and narrow necklines, such as U or V necklines. To achieve the best look for your body - choose
loose, like the Linen V Dress


Pear body shape

Do you have narrow shoulders, small bust, and wide hips? If so, you have a pear body shape.

– With this body shape, you want to draw attention towards the upper body and accentuate the waist. Great choices of dresses are A-line and X-line dresses as they are wide at the bottom and balance out the hips. To widen the shoulders, you should choose a neckline that is wide and short such as square or collar necklines. The V Neck Dress is the best choice for this body shape. 


Discover The Different Linen Summer Dress Styles At Rise & Fall

The Linen Shirt Dress

The shirt dress is a feminine nod to the elegance of menswear. A long sleeve linen dress, it's perfect when summer days call for a slightly more formal look. The Rise & Fall Linen shirt dress is a great option – the optional belt allows the choice between a relaxed fit or a structured silhouette, making this the ultimate sexy linen dress. 

The V Neck Linen Dress

Elevating the summer wardrobe, the V-Neck Dress transcends the expectations of linen via architectural panelling. Our iteration is a long linen dress cut in an A-Line silhouette, featuring side seam pockets for added functionality.

The Panelled Linen Skirt

Though we’re mainly discussing linen summer dresses, it’s worth noting the multiple benefits of a linen skirt. An easy go-to when you want to change up your style, the Rise & Fall linen skirt is a considered update on the classic A-Line skirt, with a panelled waistband that is only elasticated at the back and generous pockets. Sitting at the waist before flowing to the ankle, its flared shape both flatters and emphasises movement.

The Gathered Silk Dress

If linen isn’t what you’re looking for, consider opting for silk summer dresses instead. Silk has all the breathability properties of linen, but has a very different, slinky texture that speaks of true luxury. Our silk at Rise & Fall has special properties, too: it’s machine washable. This allows you to experience the luxury of 100% silk, without any added fuss. Our gathered silk dress is an easy-to-wear silhouette made that drapes fluidly to the ankles. You can dress it up or down for any occasion.

The Silk Shirt Dress

Available in a range of colours, the silk shirt dresses subtly transform the classic lines of a man’s shirt into a gently draping silhouette. Wear with the belt for a pulled-together look, or let it hang loose for a relaxed style. The luxurious quality of silk in this case makes this simple silhouette versatile enough to be worn anywhere, any time. 

How To Style And Accessorise Your Linen Dress For An Effortless Look


It is easy to style your favourite linen dress for a casual day at work or a weekend walk with your family or friends. A denim jacket can make the look more relaxed and versatile. Go shoes you can go for flat sandals or even trainers. Finally - add your favourite sunglasses to complete the look. 

Colder days

When it is a little bit chilly outside and you want to go for a long walk in the park, or even take a stroll along the beach in the evening of a summer holiday, pair your linen dress with a knitted sweater. 


Linen dresses are great for formal occasions, despite common misconceptions. Go for a dress with a little more structure, such as our Shirt Dress, and pair it with a simple heel. Complete with some understated jewellery and you are good to go. 

Shop Sustainable Women Dresses At Rise & Fall

Unfortunately, much of retail makes grand environmental claims that simply aren’t true. Greenwashing is a major problem as it causes confusion, leads to mistrust and slows the effort to move to a more sustainable future. The only way consumers can be sure brands walk the sustainability talk is to see whether their claims are independently verified by third parties.  To this end, Rise & Fall is proud to be B Corp certified. 

But it’s not just B Corp you can take comfort from: most of our cotton is GOTS certified organic; our cashmere items are made in a factory certified by the Good Cashmere Standard, which protects not just the environment but also the goats and those that raise them; our merino is certified by the Responsible Wool Standard; and, finally, all our manufacturers adhere to the Oeko-Tex or Bluesign standards, removing all harsh chemicals from the manufacturing process. This includes our linen dresses. Our women's dresses are made from sustainably sourced European flax linen combined with TENCEL ® Lyocell – a material made from regenerated wood fibres. This not only ensures durable linen, but it means that our linen is planet-conscious too. 

We’ve explored the many benefits of choosing summer  linen dresses for the spring and summer seasons. Lightweight and breathable, whilst also stylish, these dresses really are an excellent investment. Explore the full range at Rise & Fall now, and find your go-to women dresses.