Lisa Franklin on creating the best night’s beauty sleep


Award-winning skincare expert and Facialist Lisa Franklin is on a mission to help people take the best possible care of their skin. At her private clinic on Sloane Street in London, she offers treatments based on combining traditional techniques and state-of-the-art technology with some of the most scientifically advanced products available today. The clinic is at the centre of what Lisa does, but she believes that after- and self-care are equally important.

We caught up with Lisa to learn a bit more about how she works, and get her thoughts on how to create the best night’s beauty sleep.

‘Every time I meet a client, the first thing I look at is the condition of their skin. This can change regularly, due to factors such as diet, lifestyle and environmental pollution. Once I know what issues we need to address, I can recommend tailored treatments and/or products.’

Give your skin a rest tonight!

When we ask why sleep is important for the skin, and how to create a perfect night’s beauty sleep she has quite a bit to say;
‘When we sleep, our skin, like any other organ, gets restorative rest. But not all parts of the dermis are resting, in fact, the skin produces collagen when you sleep, which is GREAT news, because collagen is what prevents sagging and the appearance of wrinkles!’

But that wasn’t all, ‘While you sleep, the blood flow to the skin is boosted, which ultimately means you will have a healthy glow when you wake up. On the same note, lack of sleep causes a decrease in blood flow to the skin surrounding your face, leaving you grey and ashen. And as you probably already know, lack of sleep can lead to bags and/or dark circles under the eyes.’

Actively say goodnight to your skin

‘In order for the skin to reap the benefits of a great night’s sleep, there are a couple of areas to consider.’ Lisa explains. ‘Firstly, a good evening skincare regime is of the essence. NEVER go to bed without having cleansed and moisturised your face and neck. Which products and steps (cleansing, toning, serums, creams etc) are suitable for you as an individual will depend on your skin type and concerns, but as a general rule, everyone should be using a cleanser, a toning agent, and a moisturising and balancing cream. Make sure your products contain active ingredients, nutrients, and vitamins to improve overall skin health and condition.’

Make your bed to serve your skin!

‘The pillow and pillowcase you sleep on are also important. Any fabric that comes into contact with the skin needs to be 100% natural and have an ultra-soft and smooth texture. It’s logical; these materials allow your face to slide easily across their surface, reducing creases and wrinkles. Furthermore, changing your pillowcases frequently ensures hygiene – I always buy an extra set of pillowcases when I buy sheets so I can change them more frequently than I change the whole set. And finally – make sure you are washing your sheets in non-toxic, allergen-free, biodegradable detergent!’.

When it comes to your pillow, you need to find one that serves your posture best. But, if you suffer from dark circles or bags under your eyes, you can try elevating your head with an extra pillow as this can help reduce swelling. Also, check that you are properly hydrated as this can sometimes be the cause of dark circles, and without drinking enough water, no amount of sleep will help!’

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