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We believe that a good night’s sleep begins with bedding. Our bed linen not only feels great but is also produced by manufacturers who supply some of the world’s biggest luxury brands and hotels. You can sleep better knowing that the factory is run on renewable energy, recycles 99% of its water and is Oeko Tex 100 certified.


What makes Rise & Fall bedding so good?
From sheets to pillows, all our bedding is made to last. It’s well made with strong seams, high quality cotton and expert weaving, so you won’t need to replace it as often.

We’ve considered sustainability at every step. All our bedding is made and packaged here in the UK. We used 100% natural materials in all our bedding. Whether it’s the organic wool in our pillows, the recycled down in our duvets or the cotton in our sheets - we’re reducing our impact on the environment with 100% biodegradable bedding.
What bedding is available from Rise & Fall?
At Rise & Fall we sell every bedding item you could possibly need. That includes pillows and duvets in a range of sizes and fills; as well as pillowcases, flat sheets, fitted sheets, and duvet covers. We use all natural materials in our bedding be that cotton, wool or down.
What organic wool bedding is available?
Our organic wool bedding range includes our organic wool duvet and our organic wool pillows. The duvet comes in both 4.5 and 10.5 tog. Depending on how soft you like your pillows you can get one in Soft, Medium or Firm.

Paired with our high quality cotton bedding, our wool duvet and pillows make for a very comfortable night’s sleep.
What recycled down bedding is available?
We have two recycled down bedding items; our recycled down duvet (10.5 tog only) and our recycled down pillows (soft, medium, firm). Both bedding items are made with 100% recycled down that has been cleaned and de-dusted using the latest technologies. It’s comfortable, breathable and naturally temperature regulating.
What cotton bedding is available?
Our bedding comes in two different cotton weaves, Crisp & Cool and Soft & Smooth. In both weaves the full range of bedding is available, including duvet covers, flat or fitted sheets, as well as housewife and oxford pillowcases.
How can I choose what cotton bedding is right for me?
The Crisp & Cool bedding has a slightly lighter weave making it great for hot sleepers and use during the warmer months. The Soft & Smooth cotton bedding has a higher thread count and tighter weave. It’s great for cool sleepers and has a luxuriously smooth finish.

Both the Crisp & Cool and Soft & Smooth options come in handy bedding sets which include a duvet cover, fitted sheet and two pillowcases.
What sizes does Rise & Fall bedding come in?
We make bedding in a range of standard bed sizes.

Our duvet bundles come in UK Single, UK Double, EU Double, UK King, EU King, and UK Emperor. (While our fitted sheet has one extra size: EU Double.)

Our duvets come in UK Single, UK Double, UK King, and UK Super King.

Our pillowcases and wool pillows come in sizes Standard and Super King - while our recycled down pillows come in Standard only.