World Environmental Day

We are borrowing this planet from generations to come and at Rise & Fall we try to do our bit. These days, we are lucky enough to understand the impact our actions can have on the environment. We mean that, when nylon was discovered for example, they did not know the use of plastics & vast amounts of natural resources could have devastating effects on our planet. These days however, there is no excuse.

That's why looking after Mother Earth and her inhabitants has always been one of Rise & Fall’s core values. Sustainability comes first, and then we work out how to create the product.

We work with an amazing factory in India that runs completely on wind power, we also recycle 99% of water used in the production process, which is otherwise a major concern when manufacturing cotton. We also use no plastic in our packaging and send all orders in recyclable cardboard boxes. The cotton in our Crisp & Cool Organic Collection is – you. guessed it – organic! And the other collections are produced without any environmentally harmful chemicals.

Nobody can do everything, but we can all make an effort to do our best, and push ourselves to do better. That's why, at Rise & Fall we are committed to keep sustainability at the top of our priority list and constantly improve.

Happy World Environment Day!