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Merino Wool Jumpers

Breathable, moisture wicking and temperature regulating, a merino wool jumper is a great all rounder. It’s just as comfortable on a summer evening as in the darkest depths of winter. With merino you can find a supremely comfortable jumper that’s versatile enough for any day of the week. Whether you’re working from home or in the office, out to dinner or sailing a boat, you’ll always want that trusty merino wool jumper by your side. At once beautiful and hard wearing, our expertly made merino wool jumpers will be with you for many years to come.


What is merino wool?
Merino wool is a particular kind of sheep’s wool, from the merino breed of sheep. It’s a different texture to standard sheep’s wool. Each merino fibre is much finer, which makes it feel smoother and softer.
Whereas a traditional sheep’s wool jumper can feel itchy, a merino wool jumper will feel much softer and more comfortable against your skin.
What is a merino sheep?
A merino sheep is a certain breed of sheep. When it is shorn the resulting wool is merino wool. Merino sheep are known for having much softer and finer wool than other sheep.
What are the benefits of a merino wool jumper?
The first and most important benefit to a merino wool jumper is how breathable it is. Much more breathable than cotton or cashmere, merino wool allows your skin to breathe almost as if it were naked. In fact along with its moisture wicking properties that keep your skin dry, you could argue it’s more comfortable than being naked.

A merino wool jumper is also very hard wearing, as it has naturally long fibres that make it less likely to pill. It isn’t invincible but will stand up to everyday wear surprisingly well.

One of the key benefits of merino wool is how odour resistant it is. The lanolin coating on the fibres has a naturally antibacterial quality which absorbs smells caused by bacteria and stops them being released. It’s why merino is so often used in sports clothing or running jumpers - as it can be worn for long hikes and extended periods of time. And as long as you don’t sweat too much in your jumper, you can wear it day after day without washing.
And finally merino wool is wrinkle resistant, meaning you can fold it up small, scrunch it, even sit on it and it will still look fresh when you put it back on. This makes it great for travelling and wearing just about anywhere.
Where does merino wool come from?
Merino wool comes from the merino breed of sheep that originated in Portugal. Now though merino sheep are kept in many places around the world including Australia, New Zealand and China.

Merino sheep are great at surviving extreme climates and fluctuating temperatures. This is what makes their wool combine insulation so well with its temperature regulating qualities.
What makes Rise & Fall merino wool jumpers so great?
Our merino wool jumpers are made from the finest Australian merino wool. This high quality wool is then spun into premium knits by expert artisans, the same ones in fact that make jumpers for leading luxury brands. Not only are our merino jumpers beautifully made, they also come in at a fraction of the price - thanks to our innovative business model.

We want your merino wool jumpers to last you for years so we make them in timeless styles and colours - and always include an anti-moth bag to keep them safe from harm.

What’s more, all our processes, from fibre sourcing to dyeing and washing the merino wool itself, are in compliance with EU (REACH) standards. And our merino is certified by the Responsible Wool Standard.
Where does Rise & Fall merino come from?
Our jumpers are made from Australian merino wool.
Is it true that a merino wool jumper can’t get smelly?
Though it is of course possible for a merino wool jumper to get smelly, it’s much less likely than with other fabrics. This is because of its antibacterial nature. Merino wool can absorb odours created by bacteria and stop it from being released. A quick look online and you’ll find all sorts of merino wool challenges with people wearing the same merino shirt, dress or jumper for a whole week or even a month!
How does merino compare to cotton?
Cotton is a plant fibre, made from cellulose, whereas merino is an animal fibre made from protein. Because of its construction cotton is softer against your skin, especially if it’s high quality cotton. Merino wool, though softer than most other wools, isn’t quite as soft as cotton. It is on the other hand much better at regulating your body’s temperature. Incredibly, a jumper made of merino wool will be much better at keeping you warm and much better at keeping you cool than one made of cotton.

Both merino and cotton are hard wearing but cotton is slightly easier to wash. Because of the fabric construction, a cotton jumper is less likely to catch or lose its shape which makes it easier to care for.
What merino products are available?
Our merino products include the men's merino 1/4 zip jumper, the men's merino crew neck jumper and the men’s merino knitted polo jumper; as well as the women’s merino crew neck jumper, the women’s merino V neck jumper and the women’s merino knitted open collar jumper.
How do I care for my merino wool jumper?
Your merino jumper should be very hard wearing but it still needs looking after if it’s going to last you a long time. It won’t need washing too often as it is so good at repelling odours but when it does make sure you wash gently.
You can wash your merino wool jumper in the washing machine on a wool or handwash cycle. Use a cold or low heat and non bio or wool washing detergent. Avoid fabric softener and biological detergent as this can damage a wool jumper.

You can protect your merino jumper by turning it inside out and placing it in a laundry bag before washing - so the wool knit doesn’t snag on anything else in your wash.

Dry your jumper flat on a rack or towel covered surface. Be patient, do not wring or twist it, just let it air dry naturally. Don’t hang a merino jumper as this can make it stretch out of shape. And of course, avoid tumble dryers as this will make your favourite merino wool jumpers shrink.
How is a merino jumper different from a cashmere jumper?
The construction of each merino wool fibre is different from cashmere. It isn’t quite as fine which makes it less soft and well insulating. However because of this thicker fibre, a merino wool jumper will be more durable and much more breathable than a cashmere jumper. You might reach for your cashmere jumper on those very cold days when you need that extra soft, extra warm layer of insulation. Your merino wool jumper is perfect for everyday wear - and a great year round option, still good for cold days, but much more breathable in fluctuating spring, summer and autumn temperatures.
How should I style my merino wool jumper?
A well cut merino wool jumper has a certain elegance to it that will work with a trouser suit, or smart skirt. But it also looks great with joggers or jeans. It’s an incredibly versatile jumper that works in smart and casual settings as well as year round.

Layer a grey V neck merino wool jumper over a crisp white shirt. Wear a black crewneck merino jumper directly against your skin. Combine the navy ¼ zip merino jumper with a t-shirt and a pair of blue jeans. Or try the women’s open collar knitted merino jumper with a pair of slimline trousers or a floaty dress and boots. You’ll always need a jumper and with merino the options are endless.
Can I wear a merino jumper in the summer?
Yes you can! Merino wool is one of the best wools for regulating your temperature. It may sound counter-intuitive but a lightweight merino knit is actually one of the most comfortable materials to wear in the summer as it allows your skin to breathe. As long as your jumper isn’t too thick, it should be very comfortable for summer wear.