What makes Rise & Fall bedding so good?

Well, a number of things really. Firstly, we founded Rise & Fall with the simple principle that luxury should be defined by quality, not an inflated price. Put simply, we decided that we would create the dreamiest bedding, that didn’t cost the earth. Not figuratively, not literally.

We set out to create our bedding armed with the wise words of fashion designer Stella McCartney: “Sustainability is a practice, as with any practice you have to start with something challenging but achievable and as your confidence and reassurance grows you move to the next challenge.”

The best cotton

Crafting the perfect bed sheet starts with quality cotton. Gossypium barbadense produces the longest fibres of any cotton plant. Known as ‘extra-long staple’, this cotton is the foundation of the world’s finest, softest sheets.By only using extra-long staple cotton, we could create stronger, finer yarns that feel softer. These yarns have fewer ties and exposed ends, (which can make the cotton feel coarse and rough to touch). We decided to only use 120 and 80 yarn threads. Most others use 60 and less.

The right techniques

We tested hundreds of options and chose 400 thread count and 600 thread count because they make the best use of our extra-long staple cotton in each weave. So you get the best sheet – and a better night’s sleep. Our Crisp & Cool Collections would use a percale weave that produces a matte finish with a crisp, cool feel (see where we got the name?). The nature of that weave means fewer threads can fit into each square inch of sheet, which creates that light, airy coolness. We would use a sateen weave for our Soft & Smooth Collection: by exposing more of the horizontal threads, the sheets have a silkier feel and smoother look. Sateen also means more fibres can be packed into a square inch, so thread counts can be higher.

We knew what we wanted in terms of quality, and having researched production, we also knew that a big problem in (cotton) textile production globally is the amount of water wastage. We knew about Carbon emissions (most sane people do), as well as the opportunities to reduce impact on our planet by looking to renewable energy. Armed with a challenging, yet non-negotiable list of requirements, we set off to find a suitable manufacturer.

And we found the perfect partner. We are proud to say that:

Our manufacturing partner’s factory runs entirely on wind power.
Our manufacturing partner recycles and reuses 99% of its water.
The only plastic in our packaging is in the postage labels (we’re working on it).
We don’t use any unnecessary nasty chemicals, and only use dyes and chemicals that are Oeko-Tex and GOTS certified.

So whilst the finish of our sheets will improve the quality of your sleep on a physical level, you can even sleep better knowing that they were designed and produced to protect the environment. Ahhh.

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