Sleeping happily ever after under an Organic Wool Duvet

Once upon a time there was a little girl. We can call her Hetty*. She was a very pretty little girl who easily got cold at night. To make sure this wouldn’t happen, her mummy tucked her in bed, under a big duvet with a hot water bottle. In another end of the land was a young boy. We will call him Bill*. Bill was an active, energetic boy who easily got hot at night, so often just slept under a flat sheet.

Bill & Hetty grew up and went off to university. They met and fell in love and moved in together. They were blissfully happy until… they had to choose a duvet. Hetty wanted a very warm one. Bill wanted something cooler. Being a gentleman, Bill agreed to get a very warm duvet so his beloved could sleep tight. Unfortunately, this meant that Bill got too hot at night, and he would wake up several times. This meant that he was grumpy in the morning and sometimes said bad things to sweet Hetty.

Hetty knew that Bill’s grumpy mumblings were only because he wasn’t sleeping well, so decided there must be a duvet that would suit them both. She did her research and found an Organic Wool duvet that promised to both heat and cool at the same time. She thought it sounded too good to be true, but decided to give it a try. They made the bed with a 10.5 tog duvet. Bill, still somewhat sleep-deprived muttered that it was never going to work – it felt too heavy & thick.

But, he was wrong, it was perfect for both of them!

And they slept happily ever after.

*We have changed the names to protect the guilty. Bill was only grumpy because he couldn’t get a proper night’s sleep. He is in fact very nice. And got so excited about this magical duvet that he went on to found a bedding company so all the people, across the land could get their best nights’ sleep!

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