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Bedding Sets

Our bedding sets are designed to bring comfort and luxury to your everyday life. Made with the world’s finest, extra long staple cotton, our sheets are incredibly breathable, buttery soft and get better over time. Each bedding set comes with a duvet cover, a sheet and two pillowcases. Explore the differences between our Crisp & Cool bedding set and our Organic Soft & Smooth bedding set, to choose the perfect sheets for you. Transform your sleep with truly premium bedding.


What makes Rise & Fall bedding so good?
There’s a few things that make Rise & Fall’s bedding sets so good. Made with 100% cotton our sheets are naturally temperature regulating ensuring a cool and comfortable night’s sleep. Our bedding is made with extra long staple cotton. The longer the fibre length, the smoother the sheets feel and the longer they last. If you like ultra-luxurious sheets that get better with every wash, then these are for you. Our sheets come in two luxurious thread counts – 400TC and 600TC. Don’t believe us? Check out our reviews. Our bedding has over 300 5-star reviews from happy customers.
What is the difference between the bedding sets?
Both sets are mighty soft, highly breathable, and made from the world's finest cotton. But it’s how the cotton is woven that makes each set different.

Our Crisp & Cool bedding set, in 400 thread count, uses a ‘percale weave’. This one-up/one-down style means fewer threads fit into each square inch, resulting in a lighter airier fabric. It’s perfect if you’re a hot sleeper and always hunting for the cool side of the pillow. Our Crisp & Cool bedding is also 100% GOTS certified organic cotton, making it perfect for sensitive skin.

Our Soft & Smooth bedding, in 600 thread count, uses a ‘sateen weave’. This four-up/one-down method creates a silkier feel and smoother look. It also allows for higher thread count, as more fibres can be packed into every square inch. This makes it luxuriously soft and a bit weightier, great if you’re a cold sleep and want that little bit of extra warmth.
Which bedding set should I choose?
It all depends on what handfeel you’re after and whether you’re a hot or cold sleeper. Our Soft & Smooth bedding set is great if you like the feel of five star, buttery soft sheets against your skin. It’s also a little weightier, making it great for cold sleepers or for use in the winter months. Our Crisp & Cool bedding set is perfect if you’re a hot sleeper and love the cool side of the pillow. This set is slightly more lightweight, making it extra breathable. It’s also made with GOTS certified organic cotton, ideal for sensitive skin.
What material are they made out of?
All our bedding is made with the world’s finest, extra long staple cotton, from the Gossypium barbadense plant. Of all the cotton plants, Gossypium barbadense produces the longest fibres. These longer, stronger strands mean the fabric won’t fray, pill or wrinkle as easily. The colour won’t fade as quickly and stains will come out more easily too. (When it comes to yarns, the more ties and exposed ends you have, the rougher the cotton will feel to the touch. Not only do shorter fibres need more ties, they are also much more prone to pilling and wearing down.) That’s we use the finest longest fibres for our bedding, for sheets that feel deliciously soft against your skin and get better with age. Read more about extra long staple cotton here.
What sizes are available?
Our bedding sets come in all standard sizes: UK Single, UK Double, EU Double, UK King, EU King, UK Super King and UK Emperor.
What do I get in a duvet set bundle?
Each duvet set comes with one fitted sheet, one duvet cover, two standard size pillowcases.
Are they sustainable?
Made to last: Our bedding sets get softer with every wash and stand the test of time - so you can buy less.

Fully biodegradable: The materials are 100% cotton, and fully biodegradable. Recycled and recyclable packaging: All our boxes and packaging is made from recycled cardboard.

100% Renewable energy: The factory that makes our bedding sets is run on wind power – with 99% of water being recycled. On top of this, our predominantly female staff (and their families) are offered unlimited free education.