Lisa Franklin on giving your skin a Good Night

Award-winning skincare expert and Facialist Lisa Franklin is on a mission to help people take the best possible care of their skin. At her private clinic on Sloane Street in London, she offers treatments based on combining traditional techniques and state-of-the-art technology with some of the most scientifically advanced products available today. But you don’t need to be in London to benefit from Lisa’s expertise. Here she shares some of her top tips for an evening skincare routine:

Take your time!
In the evenings, I always give myself time to ensure I double cleanse to remove all of the day’s build up including makeup. An oil-based cleanser will effectively remove makeup and pollutants whilst drawing out impurities and nourishing the skin. I follow this with a gentle wash to purify and deep clean leaving skin more soft, supple and refreshed.

Regular exfoliation is key for removing tired skin cells for a smoother and radiant complexion.

After cleansing & exfoliating, my skin is ready for the active serums which will target my particular skin needs. I apply our new No. 4 Serum – Calm + Heal. You need to figure out what suits your skin. What is universal, is that everyone needs hydration and moisture, the key is to figure out how, and what else will benefit your unique skin. Feel free to get in touch for a consult!

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