What Makes a Luxury Bath Towel and How to Spot one That Will Last

Depending on how you view bathtime, it’s either a brief necessity or a much needed moment of self-care. We like to think of every bath or shower (and the minutes surrounding it) as a mini spa sesh’ - the hot water, the suds, the uninterrupted time to yourself. And to complete the feeling of serenity, there’s nothing like wrapping yourself up in a luxuriously soft towel - to set you up for your day (or night).

But what is it that makes a towel luxury? And how do we find the perfect one?

Why invest in luxury towels?

There’s nothing worse than a crispy towel, the kind that’s stiff and scratched as you dry yourself. A sad state of affairs. Over time, many towels can get there. In fact, some poor quality towels feel crispy after just a few washes. Our skin deserves better. That’s why we want ultra-soft, ultra-absorbent and ultra-plush bath towels to elevate our everyday.

Imagine you’re at the spa, you get out of the steam room, pool or hot tub, whichever you prefer, and you reach for a luxuriously soft, weighty towel. You wrap yourself in the plushness and feel like a whole new you. That’s the feeling we want daily, in our very own bathroom.

What makes a luxury towel?

Towels may come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colours but all that is a little distracting. When it comes to good towels, we like ours to be thick, fluffy and soft. Get that three ticked off and you can’t go too far wrong. Oh, and they have to be big enough too. We have our modesty to consider, after all.

So first up let’s consider materials, which ones are going to bring us that softness we so desire?

What material towels should I buy?

There are all sorts of synthetic towels and cotton blends out there but if you want your towel to be 100% natural and hypoallergenic then cotton is your best bet.

Look for high-quality cottons, like 100% Turkish Aegean cotton, which is famous for its long fibres and smoother threads. The longer fibres have less exposed ends, making your towel feel softer against your skin. This also means the towel will last longer, getting softer with each wash. Better for you, your wallet and the environment. 

Also, be aware that claims of “Egyptian cotton” superiority are simply not true.  All this means is that the cotton plants are grown in Egypt. Those selling it claim it has superior qualities, but the exact same plants are grown all over the world and there’s really no difference. What matters is how long the fibres are and how the towel is made.

What towel construction is the most absorbent?

Next, let’s consider construction and what kind we need for high levels of fluffiness. The type of construction you want depends on what you want to use your towel for. A lightweight, quick-drying, waffle weave can be good for bundling into your gym bag for example. And you certainly won’t want a thick, heavyweight towel at the beach. But at home, in your bathroom, luxury is king.

The makeup of most traditional towels isn’t like any other fabric. If you look closely, it’s made up of lots of little loops which are either open or twisted, depending on the manufacturers.  How these little loops are put together will affect how soft, absorbent and long-lasting your towel will be.

What is Aqua Fibro Technology?

For towels with that 5-star feel, Rise & Fall’s manufacturers use what’s called "Aqua Fibro Technology". Thanks to this unique spinning technique, the fibres are neatly twisted into yarn with additional air spaces in between each fibre. The micro air holes inside the yarn are what make the towels extra soft, extra bulky and extra absorbent - so you get an extra satisfying towel down. And they make your towel dry more quickly. Those neat little Aqua Fibro twists keep the fibres held in place, which means longer lasting towels that will keep their bulk wash after wash.

When we talk about bulk, we think about weight too (or GSM). Nobody wants to dry themselves with a flimsy towel. We’re looking for something we can sink into.

What is GSM?

GSM stands for grams per square metre and gives you an idea of how heavy and dense your towel is. Generally speaking, a higher GSM means your towel will be thicker and more absorbent - and will feel more enjoyable to use.

The weight affects not only how the towel feels but also how quickly it dries. A lightweight towel will dry much more quickly, while heavier towels will dry more slowly. There’s a limit to how heavy you want your towels to be of course, (they do need to dry in between uses!) but we can’t get enough of the luxurious feel of the thicker, slightly bulkier towels.

What size towel should I get?

In standard UK sizing, there are two options for body towels. The standard bath towels are usually 70cm x 140cm, while bath sheets are slightly larger at 90cm x 165cm. Both will cover you up and dry you properly, it just depends how wrapped up you want to be when you get out of the bath, and how much fabric you want to use or launder. Don’t forget, larger towels will take up a lot more room in the washing machine!

How should I take care of my towels?


  • Wash your towels with your usual fabric detergent, at 40°C or 30°C.
  • As always, separate colours to keep colours looking fresh and whites looking clean.
  • It’s a good idea to wash towels separately from other laundry, to avoid any pulls. Wash your towels together without overfilling the drum of course.
  • Avoid fabric softener or bleach which can permanently damage the threads and colour.


  • Tumble dry them on a warm heat as too much heat can damage the threads making your towels brittle over time, and less absorbent.
  • Try the automated tumble dryer setting that stops as soon as your towels are dry. This will help protect your towels and save on energy.
  • Make sure your towels are completely dry before putting them away, this will keep any musty smells at bay.
  • There’s no need to iron them, just give them a good shake to release any stiffness, fold them up and pop them in the cupboard.

Why Rise & Fall’s towels are pure luxury

Our towels come in bundles of two in classic white or grey. They’re woven from premium 100% Turkish Aegean cotton, using the ‘aqua- fibro’ process for absorbency, softness and bulk that lasts. Coming in at 800gsm, they’re a premium, spa weight towel you can’t wait to wrap yourself in.

They’re naturally hypoallergenic, and free from harmful chemicals too - perfect for sensitive skin.