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Soft, snuggly and 100% natural – pillows to change your sleep


What are luxury pillows made of?
Luxury pillows use luxury materials like organic cotton, high quality down and organic wool. They are usually hand finished and quality checked by experts.
Why is wool good for pillows?
Wool is a great fill for pillows thanks to it being supportive, highly breathable and thermoregulating. It allows your skin to breathe and keeps your head cool when it’s hot and warm and cosy when it’s cold. It’s also mould and mildew resistant which makes it hypoallergenic, great for anyone with particularly sensitive skin.
Why is down good for pillows?
Down is one of the softest, most comfortable materials about. It makes for super comfortable lightweight pillows. It’s thermoregulating and moisture wicking to keep you cool and fresh. It’s also better than feather fill as it doesn’t bunch up and there’s no chance of a feather poking out into your face.
What are the best pillows for sale in the UK?
For quality sleep, we recommend natural pillows filled with down or organic wool. Both these materials are lightweight yet supportive, highly breathable and moisture wicking, and don’t bunch up the way pillows or synthetic fills do. The Rise & Fall organic wool pillow and the Rise & Fall recycled down pillow are the best natural pillows made in the UK in terms of support, breathability, sustainability and price!
What materials are your pillows made of?
Our pillows are made of 100% natural materials so you can rest easy knowing your skin will be able to breathe. Our organic wool pillow is made with organic wool, wrapped in an organic cotton shell. Our recycled down pillow is made with 100% origin controlled, recycled down, also wrapped in 100% cotton. They are 100% natural and biodegradable.
What is the best pillow for sensitive skin?
Both pillows are highly breathable and great for allergy prone or sensitive skin. The down in our pillows ​​is washed using the latest technologies to get rid of all potential allergens. Though the best pillows for sensitive skin are wool pillows. Our organic wool is hypo-allergenic, temperature regulating, and wrapped in organic cotton too. It’s perfect for allergy sufferers and anyone with skin sensitivities.