Meet the duo intent on disrupting the bedding market


What makes for the best bedding? This is the question that started the journey for Jed & Will, co-founders of Rise & Fall.

They were fed up with bad sleep and the poor sheets that made it even worse. Sheets that didn’t feel good, couldn’t breathe properly, were manufactured using nasty chemicals – and cost a fortune. They decided that there had to be a different way.

So they left their sleep-hungry jobs to track down insanely comfy sheets that wouldn’t cost the earth, or hurt it. After 1000s of hours, 100s of samples and four continents, they found them:

“During our research, we learned more than our fair share about cotton plants, weaving techniques, and what makes for truly comfortable sheets.” Will explains. He goes on to say “Before this journey, something I hadn’t thought about was how very personal sleep and sleep comfort is. I, for example, get hot at night, and need bedding that helps keep me cool whilst my partner is the opposite. So we developed two distinctly different collections: the Crisp & Cool Organic, a percale weave for people like me, and a Soft & Smooth sateen-woven collection for maximum comfort & cosiness.”

Jed adds that “We’ve gone to great lengths to understand every single part of the supply chain, to make sure our sheets are made in the right way, and where we can cut costs, something we can pass on to our customers. This allows us to keep prices as low as possible and offer all customers 10% off their first orders. We are proud to say that from farm to factory, right through to the moment you climb into bed between them, our sheets are the very best they can be.”

Want a crisp, hotel style bed? Check out the Crisp & Cool Organic Collection here

After the cosiest of cosy beds? Check out the Soft & Smooth Collection here

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