Make changes to your bedroom and sleep better


We know we have said it before, but it really is important! Very little can beat a great night’s sleep to boost wellbeing and productivity!

Why we insist on repeating it over and over again? Because in Britain today, 48% of us do not get the recommended seven hours’ sleep that we need to be our best selves.

How do you sleep? Could the amount or quality be improved? We find that most people we ask, answer yes to that question.

So, we thought a quick list of simple ideas on how to change your bedroom to set you up for a great night’s sleep might be just what you need to start improving your quality of sleep!

Keep it light (but not too light)

Keep phones and laptops out of the bedroom as the blue light from screens tricks the body into thinking it’s daytime.

Invest in a bedside lamp with a warm glow and/or a dimmer so your brain isn’t confused by bright lights. There are even bulbs that emit a low red light, which replicates the embers of fires used for light before electricity was invented.

Gradually reduce light in the evening to help you wind down. This helps control levels of melatonin, the hormone that regulates your sleep/wake cycle, resulting in – you guessed it – better sleep.

Keep it personal

A recent study found that those who used supportive pillows had better sleep. But what does that actually mean?

Harley Street sleep coach Max Kirsten advises going for a pillow that allows your head to tilt back slightly. This allows the release of certain sleep hormones.

Furthermore, people who sleep on their side tend to benefit from a firmer pillow, whereas those who lie on their front are suited to a softer one. But that is really only guidance. It’s a matter of personal choice: you need to figure out what is comfortable for you. Head down to your closest bedding store & test your way to your perfect pillow!

Make your bed so you want to lie in it!

Research by the National Sleep Foundation shows that 86% of people rated comfortable sheets as crucial to a good night’s sleep. We can’t help but agree.

We know the importance of the quality of bedding, and what makes for comfortable sheets. That is because we spend thousands of hours researching all different aspects of production – from which cotton plant to use through to manufacturing.

We don’t expect anyone else to know (or care the way we do), but want to share what we know. But, don’t just take our word for it, Sleep Expert Donna Burley recommends buying 100% cotton sheets, and uses Rise & Fall bedding as an example of great quality sheets. Thanks Donna!

She says “Cotton is naturally hypoallergenic, so won’t cause any irritation or itchiness, which may improve your quality of sleep…”

These are just three little adjustments you can make to your bedroom to give yourself a better chance at a great night’s sleep. Try them, and see if you notice a difference. Then check back for more tips and ideas!

Sweet Dreams!

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