Factories & Materials

At Rise & Fall, we partner directly with world class manufacturers, bringing you exceptional quality, straight from the source.

By connecting our customers with the very people who make their products, we can drop the heavy retail markups weighing down the rest of our industry. Our manufacturers get a better deal, and you get luxury clothing and homeware for up to 80% less. And if our manufacturers earn more, they pay their workers more and do more to look after our environment. It just makes sense.

We chose our factories meticulously, favouring high-end companies that share our thoughts on quality, ethical working practices and environmental responsibility.  Our hope is that you walk away with a capsule collection of modern everyday classics. The sheets you sleep on every night, your favourite cashmere jumper, the leather bag you’ve used for a decade – the hardworking staples that elevate your day to day.

Cashmere & Merino Knitwear

Jiangsu, China (EST 1945)

Our cashmere and merino knitwear is made in Jiangsu, China. We use 100% A-Grade cashmere only. Chosen for its extra fine (16 microns or less), extra long fibres, it creates the softest knits. Our cashmere is made in a factory that is certified by the Good Cashmere Standard while our merino is certified by the Responsible Wool Standard. Both standards protect the welfare of animals, their herdsmen and the land they graze on.


Tamil Nadu, India (EST 1945)

For our sheets, we go to India’s finest bedding manufacturer, which supplies some of the world’s biggest luxury brands and hotels. They source extra long staple cotton and weave it into remarkably soft, durable and breathable bedding. The factory is run entirely on renewable energy, recycles 99% of its water, uses no harsh chemicals (Oeko-Tex 100 certified) and offers its predominantly female workforce unlimited free education.

Tees Polos and Sweats

Barcelos, Portugal (EST 1979)

All our t-shirts, polos and sweats are designed in the UK and made by a third generation, family run factory in Barcelos, Portugal, a region famous for apparel production. Using the finest, GOTS certified cotton, our tees are created with softness and durability in mind. Each and every one is skillfully cut, stitched and pre-shrunk for the perfect fit, feel and drape.

Wool Duvets & Pillows

Yorkshire, UK (EST 2002)

Our wool duvets and pillows are made by true British artisans in an area of Yorkshire well known for its rich textile heritage. Set between the mills of Bradford and the Lancashire border, this factory is laser focused on environmental issues. With hand finishing and quality checking, each one of our duvets and pillows is carefully tagged and traced to ensure it is of the highest quality. Each item is made to order, so nothing is wasted.

Leather Accessories

Venice, Italy (EST 1958) and Hong Kong (EST 1987)

For our leather accessories we work with two highly reputable factories, one in Venice and one in Hong Kong. We use the highest quality, Italian Mastrotto leather - chosen for its soft, supple and beautiful full grain. We put our designs in expert hands, who are well known for creating leather pieces for multiple leading luxury brands

Shirts, Shorts and Trousers

Nanchong, China (EST 1995)

Our shirts, shorts and trousers are made by one of the most forward-thinking Chinese manufacturers. They have a focus on sustainability and worker welfare and create for some of the most premium brands in Europe. Our cotton shirts, shorts and trousers are GOTS certified and our linen is sourced from Belgium and France.