We started Rise & Fall to answer a simple question - could we offer true luxury products at a much more accessible price?

The answer, you’ll be pleased to hear, is yes we can. By partnering directly with luxury manufacturers worldwide, reducing waste via a just-in-time manufacturing system and cutting exorbitant markups we have been able to reduce prices by up to 80%.

We are not the cheapest, because highest quality inputs (a-grade cashmeres, organic extra long staple cottons, Mulberry silks, Mastrotto leathers etc) cost a lot more, but we do strive to provide the most value for money.

It’s not just radical value we offer - we have also worked hard to minimise our environmental footprint. In this regard, we are B Corp certified and have, among other things, eliminated all harsh chemicals from our supply chain. If only the big luxury groups and High Street brands would do the same.

Finally, we’ve also gotten rid of the exhausting pretentiousness that accompanies most luxury brands. We’ve stripped luxury back to its essentials - beautiful design, finest materials and the world’s best manufacturers.

It’s Luxury, but Liberated.

Jed & Will