@theindiaedit on life during & after lockdown

India, aka @theindiaedit is a London-based blogger with an exceptional eye for spotting all things dreamy – from outfits to interiors. We caught up with her to find out how lockdown has been for her, and her thoughts on creating a perfect, hotel-style bedroom.

Where did you spend lockdown, with whom, and how would you describe the experience?

I spent lockdown in my flat in London with my boyfriend. He was due to move in in May anyway, but he ended up moving in a month or so early due to lockdown. We’ve both had our full-time jobs continue throughout so it’s been pretty busy, but we’ve loved having this quality time together.

We’re lucky to have a few floors in our flat and outdoor space so we haven’t been on top of each other which has made a huge difference. We’ve focused on sprucing up the interiors and have done lots of DIY!

I’m an adaptable person that tries to focus on the positives so as we’ve not been ill ourselves or had family members that have been and we’ve had work we’ve definitely tried to make the best of it. The beautiful weather has definitely helped!

Did you create any morning and evening routines?

We’ve actually got a very solid morning routine in place. The evening could do with some work! In the mornings I wake up first and meditate, then we both go on a walk around our local area whilst listening to our own podcasts. We used to chat, but who wants to have a chat for half an hour at 7.30AM?! We also really missed our podcast time from our commutes. Once we’re home I fit in 20 minutes of pilates before getting ready for work.

Did you have any holiday plans before the pandemic? Where is your dream destination usually?

I had a few that were cancelled with my family, which was such a shame, but hopefully we can do them next year! I’ve actually just managed to get away to Greece - it was total heaven and I’m so grateful for that.

My dream destination is Byron Bay in Australia - it’s so beautiful, relaxed and I just love the vibe there.

Tell us about making your bedroom your ‘Staycation hotel room’.

I’ve definitely subliminally made my bedroom like hotel rooms I’ve visited in the past! I love layers - gorgeous sheets and two pillows each (of course) then a couple of square cushions, tied together with a rectangular one. I also love a throw so I have a quilt and a flat linen sheet for when it’s too hot to get under the covers!

Lighting also plays a big part - no one wants big overhead lights on when you’re getting ready for bed. I love having lamps and candles and our most used bedtime lighting is probably the tiny fairy lights we have around the bed which give the perfect glow.

Rise & Fall Staycation bedroom

What advice would you give others when it comes to creating a perfect bedroom?

Definitely make an effort to keep it tidy - it should be your own little haven. Make your bed each morning and tidy stuff up off the floor (I’m so guilty of throwing my clothes there!).

Invest in your bedding and other things that can make your room feel cosy and special. Cushions can really change up the feel and are a great way to change the colour scheme.

Who are you going to reach out to and send your postcards to?

My grandma and parents as I hardly get to see them at the mo. A handwritten note always goes a long way.