Create a Luxurious Bedroom with Designer Duvet Covers, Sheets & Bed Linen

When juggling the stresses of modern life - be it a hectic work schedule, a busy social calendar, or raising a family - figuring out how to bring tranquillity and calm into your routine can be a struggle. Often, creating a relaxing sleep space is overlooked. However, this is one of the easiest and most effective ways to encourage proper downtime and quality sleep, helping you feel well-rested and ready for your day-to-day.

What’s the best and easiest way to craft a serene sleep space? Elevate your bedroom with luxury duvet covers, sheets, and bedlinen.

In this article we’ll explore the world of luxury bedding; looking at how enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your bedroom can lift your mood while simultaneously improving the quality of your sleep. We’ll also delve into the premium bed linen selection here at Rise & Fall, which features luxury duvet covers, sheets, and duvet sets.

What's all the fuss about luxury duvet sets?

It can be easy to under-appreciate the importance of good bedding. With so many options out there, it’s often hard to tell what elevates luxury bed linen from bedding you can find on the high street. The key difference is the use of quality materials - such as high-thread count cotton and 100% European Flax linen -  as well as superior craftsmanship and attention to detail.

What impact can luxury bedding sets have?

We define luxury bedding as such: bed linen that is crafted from the finest materials, and made by the world’s best manufacturers. Aesthetically speaking, the impact that luxury bedding can have on your bedroom cannot be overestimated. As the focal point of the room, dressing your bed in premium, luxury bed sheets, creates an inviting and cosy atmosphere that can really transform the room. 

As well as up-speccing the visual appeal of your bedroom, luxury bedding made from hotel-grade materials actually improves the quality of your sleep too. Read on to find out more.

Why invest in luxury duvet sets?

Superior Comfort and Durability

On average, we spend about 33 years of our lives in bed. That’s a lot of lying down. It’s no wonder then that it makes sense to invest in luxury duvet sets, which offer maximum comfort and are guaranteed to last for years to come.

As well as durability, luxury duvet sets offer truly superior comfort. Once you’ve tried high-thread count cotton or premium European flax linen, you’ll really notice the difference between this and synthetic materials - which are often scratchy on your skin and contain harsh chemicals that can be irritating.

Premium Design

Good design really separates luxury bed linen from standard bed linen - just like it does with designer vs. high street clothes. The exquisite craftsmanship that goes into a luxury duvet set is noticeable, and it makes getting into bed every day a pleasure. Small details spark joy: like button closures thoughtfully rendered from natural materials or an extra-grippy, pop-off proof fitted sheet, elevating your whole sleep experience; from making the bed to a decadent Sunday morning lie-in. 

Elevate Your Bedroom With a Luxury Duvet Cover Set

Maximise on style and and elegance 

A luxury duvet set will transform your bed into the centrepiece of the room. Choosing the right bed linen can help tie the visual elements of your bedroom together, making for a harmonious, beautifully balanced space. There are different considerations here - from material choice, to colour. Read on to discover the right luxury duvet cover set for you. 

The world’s best materials 

Organic Cotton

Cotton is the classic, timeless choice for luxury bedding. If you choose extra-long staple, high-quality cotton, you are guaranteed ultra-soft, durable bedding that you’ll never tire of. Organic cotton is a particularly good choice, as it means all harmful chemicals have been removed from the manufacturing process. Not only is this better for the environment, but it’s better for your skin too.


Linen is an increasingly popular choice for luxury bedding. Its natural rumples give it a gorgeous texture, and its highly breathable qualities make it perfect for people who sleep a little hotter. A real benefit of linen is that it doesn’t need to be ironed - its naturally wrinkled texture adds to its rustic feel.

Choosing the Perfect Duvet Cover Set: 

Choosing the right duvet cover for you is a personal choice. It should reflect both your preference on material, as well as the ‘look’ you are trying to achieve with your bedroom decor. When choosing your duvet cover set, consider size, design, and colour. For instance, white bedding has a crisp and classic look and feel, whereas neutral-toned or coloured bedding can really invigorate the space and add personality.

Choosing Sustainable Options For Your Luxury Bedding 

Many of us are trying to make more sustainable and ethical purchasing decisions, and luckily there are lots of responsibly sourced options when it comes to luxury bedding. Both organic cotton and organic European flax linen are great options if you want to make a more environmentally-friendly choice. 

Whilst the sustainable qualities of organic cotton are better known, those of flax linen are less commonly understood. Since flax grows remarkably fast, replenishing itself just months after being harvested, it's considered a renewable resource. Add the fact it doesn’t need irrigation or harmful chemicals to process, and has root systems that protect from soil erosion, it’s definitely one of the most sustainable fibres around.

The Rise of Organic Bedding 

Organic bedding means that the whole manufacturing process has been undertaken without the use of harmful chemicals. This is not only good news for the environment’s health, but also your health - as it means your bedding will be free from toxins.

The Benefits of Organic Bedding

  1. Because organic bedding is made without the inclusion of harmful dyes or chemicals, it's free from common irritants, making it hypoallergenic. 
  2. The lack of harsh chemicals in organic bedding also makes it an environmentally friendly choice, as the number of pollutants involved in the manufacturing process is drastically reduced.

Find Your Perfect Fit - Luxury King Size Duvet Covers

Luxury duvet covers are available in a range of different sizes, meaning there’s an option for everyone. A king size duvet and duvet cover is the perfect way to add extra comfort to your bed. Even if you have a double bed, consider choosing a king size duvet and cover for a truly indulgent night’s sleep that allows the duvet to pool over the side of the bed. An added bonus of having a luxury duvet cover bigger than your bed is that if you’re sharing with a partner, there’ll be no fights for the duvet in the middle of the night!

Design Options and Styles 

When it comes to king size duvet covers there’s lots of variations to choose from. Explore our range of design options and styles - from cotton to linen, and from coloured to plain white.

Indulge Yourself with Luxury Super King Duvet Covers

For the ultimate experience of opulence, why not try a luxury super king duvet cover and duvet? This extra large size offers the optimum experience of enveloping yourself in true luxury. If you have a super king bed, the likelihood is that you’ll need super king pillows too. Why not choose a luxury super king duvet cover set that includes super king pillow cases, too? 

Considerations for Choosing the Perfect Cover

We’ve already explored material, colour, and design as the key considerations when choosing the perfect duvet cover. Some final things that are useful to think about include: 

  • Weave: a sateen weave creates a silky smooth finish, which is ultra-soft against your skin. A percale weave, on the other hand, offers a more matte-feel, which can feel cool and crisp against your skin. This is a better option for those with sensitive skin. 
  • Closure: luxury duvet covers can have button, zipper, or envelope closures. In general, button closures offer the most luxurious feel, and reduce the risk of scratching your feet against a zip. 
  • Seasonal considerations: depending on the time of year, or whether you live in a hot or a cold climate, then you should consider the material you choose for your luxury bedding. For instance, due to its highly breathable qualities, linen is the best choice for hot climates or summer. A sateen weave, on the other hand, can feel super cosy when it’s colder outside. 

There’s lots to consider when choosing luxury duvet covers, sheets, and other bedlinen. Making the right choice can improve both how your bedroom looks and feels, as well as the quality of your sleep. By investing in high-quality bedding, you can create a luxurious retreat that reflects your style and ensures a restful night’s sleep.

We encourage you to explore Rise & Fall's collection pages to find the perfect bedding that matches your style and preferences. Whether you're in search of luxury duvet sets, designer duvet cover sets, organic duvet covers, or any other type of high-quality bedding, you'll find a wide range of options to suit your needs. Transform your bedroom into a haven of luxury and comfort, and experience the difference that quality bedding can make in your life.