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Bed Throws

Add style and cosiness to your bedroom and bedtime routine with our premium wool bed throws. In winter, the extra layer keeps you snuggly and warm. Even in summer, a well placed throw can help protect your bedsheets, keeping them clean and crisp for when you’re ready to climb in. Once you’re hooked on our throws, your bed will look naked without them. Choose from classic colours and luxurious textures that will make you want to jump right in.


What is a bed throw?
A bed throw is a type of blanket that sits on your bed, on top of your duvet. It can add a little extra warmth, help keep your bedsheets clean or make your bed look ‘finished’ when it’s made.
Why should I use a bed throw?
Sometimes it’s nice to break up the big block of solid white or colour that is your bed with a softly patterned or coloured throw. Fold a contrasting colour throw at the end of your bed, or lay it out wide to protect your bedsheets from any children or pets who might make themselves at home.

It also adds a nice extra weight on cold nights, helping you feel cosy when you first get into bed. If one of you is a cold sleeper you can fold it over so it’s just on your side of the bed. Then you can always throw it off when you heat up in the middle of the night!
What materials are available?
At Rise & Fall we like to keep things natural. Our bed throws are made of wool making them excellent insulators, naturally breathable and odour resistant.

We have three different blends. Our Tonal Check Throw is 100% lambswool making it super strong and easy going. Our Basket Weave Throw is a 50/50 blend of Alpaca making it extra warm, with a beautifully intricate weave. And our buttery soft Two Tone Cashmere Throw is a blend of cashmere, silk and lambswool. Adding a real luxurious feel to your bed, it’s a real pleasure to behold.
How will a wool bed throw help me sleep?
There’s nothing quite like sleeping under all natural fibres. Be it Lambswool, alpaca or cashmere, all wool is naturally breathable and great at regulating temperature. On colder nights, an extra layer on top of your duvet can make all the difference to keeping your cosy and sleeping sound.

A wool bed throw is also naturally hypoallergenic and odour resistant so you’ll get a comfortable and fresh smelling night’s sleep.
What sizes are available?
Our Tonal Check Throw and Two Tone Cashmere Throw both measure 130cm x 190cm (including fringes), while our Basket Weave Throw measures 130cm x 180cm (including fringes).

They’re big enough to fold at the end of your bed or lay out wide, spread across the bed.
Where are they made?
Our bed throws are made in Northern Italy, by a family run business based in Lake Como. Our throw manufacturers have over 150 years of craftsmanship in weaving high quality fibres into beautifully luxurious fabrics - so we know we trust them with ours.
Are they sustainable?
Made with 100% natural fibres, our bed throws are completely natural, free of nasty chemicals and fully biodegradable. Only the best for your bedroom.