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Luxury British Wool

The Rolls Royce of the Duvet & Pillow world, the luxury British wool collection is made from 100% natural materials, is hypo-allergenic, temperature regulating, and well, just dreamy.


What are the benefits of using organic wool bedding?
Wool is breathable, temperature regulating and moisture wicking. This makes it very comfortable to sleep in whatever the weather. As the room heats up, an organic wool duvet will help your body breathe, keeping you cool and calm while you sleep. Because of this, a wool duvet works well year round. It’s also a great natural alternative for anyone allergic to down.
How is organic wool different from conventional wool?
Any wool that is certified organic (as ours is) follows strict rules about chemical use and environmental practices. Land is well managed, pesticides aren’t used on the pastureland or the sheep themselves, and animal welfare is taken into account, so sheep are not routinely treated with antibiotics, wormers or pesticides.
Where are the wool pillow & duvet collection made of?
Our wool duvets uk and pillows are made in Yorkshire by a factory that is laser focused on environmental issues. Each one of our duvets and pillows is carefully tagged and traced to ensure it is of the highest quality. And every piece is made to order, so nothing is wasted.
Are your organic wool bedding products suitable for individuals with allergies or sensitivities?
Yes! Our wool bedding is perfect for people with allergies and sensitivities. Wool is a great natural alternative for anyone allergic to feathers because wool is naturally hypoallergenic. It is moisture wicking and resistant to dust mites and the build-up of micro bacteria so highly unlikely to cause sensitivities. It is also much more breathable than synthetic fibres, often touted as the best for sensitive skin.
How do I care for and maintain the longevity of my organic wool bedding?
As wool is naturally resistant to dust mites and bacteria it doesn’t really need washing. In fact, the less you wash it the better. Instead you can regularly air out your duvet and pillows in a well ventilated room. Every few weeks, try hanging the duvet up outside (if the weather is dry) or over a chair, door or clothes airer. An open window helps air movement here too.
Are your organic wool bedding products suitable for all seasons?
Thanks to its temperature regulating and moisture wicking properties, wool is a great fibre to use all year round. It will help keep you cool in the summer and cosy and warm in the winter. It’s also very odour resistant, making it a great choice for hot sleepers too.
Can I return or exchange my organic wool bedding if I'm not satisfied?
You can return your wool bedding as long as it is unused. For hygiene reasons we cannot accept the returns of used wool bedding.
What is a mattress topper?
A wool mattress topper helps protect your mattress, making it last for longer. A wool topper can also provide extra warmth, breathability and comfort while you sleep.
Can I use organic wool bedding with an electric blanket?
Yes! There’s absolutely no issues using an electric blanket with your wool bedding. Simply follow the safety instructions in the manual of your eclectic blanket, as you would with any other bedding.