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Size guide
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The ultimate pillow for a great night’s sleep. Wool is hypoallergenic, temperature regulating, 100% natural and put simply – the stuff of dreams. Wool is the perfect natural alternative for those who are allergic to down, and the shell is made with all-natural organic cotton. Word of warning: there will be a pillow fight unless everyone in the bed has their own.


Wool is a magical material: temperature regulating, moisture wicking, and hypoallergenic. The construction provides ergonomically correct support and maximum comfort.


    • Made to order in the UK
    • 100% traceable British Wool and organic cotton shell
    • Great for those who can’t use down due to allergies
    • Naturally flame retardant without needing any nasty chemicals

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Same manufacturer as leading luxury brands


What are the benefits of a wool pillow?
Wool is a pretty wondrous fibre for all sorts of reasons. It’s natural, sustainable, breathable and lots more. Grab some organic wool, encase it in organic cotton and you’ve got a pillow with all sorts of great qualities.

If you want a pillow that’s breathable whatever the weather, nothing beats wool. And a wool pillow isn’t just breathable, it’s actually temperature regulating too, making for a comfortable night’s sleep year round.

It’s 100% natural and sustainable. Your wool pillow can fully biodegrade after you’re finished with it. (But don’t worry that’s a long way off because our wool pillows are made to last.)

It’s a great natural alternative for anyone allergic to down because wool is naturally hypoallergenic. Our pillows also stay fresh for a whole lot longer, as wool is naturally odour resistant too.

Finally, thanks to the waxy coating on the fibres, wool is naturally flame retardant. So there’s no need for smelly chemicals, just pure fresh wool.
Are wool pillows comfortable?
Not only are our wool pillows incredibly soft and comfortable, they’re also cleverly made with a construction that provides ergonomically correct support. (We want your neck to feel good in the morning!)

Wake up feeling fresh and smelling fresh too with naturally hypoallergenic and temperature regulating wool pillows.
Where is the wool sourced from?
The wool in our organic wool duvets and pillows comes from 6 different farms in Scotland. It’s part of the 100% traceable scheme which has clear rules for land management, animal welfare and its supply chain.
Where are the wool pillows made?
Our wool pillows are made in the UK. Drift off in comfort on British wool pillows.
Why are the wool pillows made to order?
We make our wool pillows to order so that we can avoid waste. We want them to be as sustainable as possible and that means reducing wool waste where we can. Because of this, it can take around 5 working days for your wool pillow to be delivered to you.
Which wool density is right for me?
Our wool pillows come in three densities: soft, medium, and firm. These densities depend on how much wool is inside the pillow. (The firmest pillow has more wool inside but remains just as breathable.)

The right pillow for you depends on your personal preference. If you like to sleep with a slim pillow, the soft option is probably the best for you. If you like your head to feel very supported then our firm wool pillow is the one you want.

Your sleeping position also affects which pillow you should choose. Side sleepers (especially those with wide shoulders) would do better with a thicker, firmer pillow. While back sleepers should choose a slimmer or softer pillow to maintain the natural shape of their spine.
What sizes does the wool pillow come in?
The wool pillow comes in sizes standard and super king, so whatever size your bed is there’s a wool pillow to fit it.
Why does the price of the wool pillows vary?
The prices of our wool pillows vary depending on their sizes (standard and super king) and their densities (soft, medium, firm). This is because the more organic wool is inside the pillow the more it costs to produce. A soft wool pillow costs less because it has less wool inside it, while a firm wool pillow costs more because it has more wool inside.

You’ll usually find Rise & Fall wool pillows are around half the price of other luxury brands.