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Give your Rise & Fall cashmere the love it deserves with this specially designed cashmere comb. 

Makes removing pilling or fuzz a breeze. The perfect accompaniment to all Rise & Fall men’s and women’s cashmere products.  


    • One size
    • Made from red cedar
    • Comes with storage pouch
    • Made in China

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What is a cashmere comb?
A cashmere comb is a small tool that is used to remove any pilling or fuzz from a cashmere item. It allows you to comb away any bobbles, pills or lint without thinning the fabric.
Why do I need to use a cashmere comb?
Cashmere clothes can sometimes develop small pills or little knots of fibre, especially in places where rubbing happens like the armpits of a jumper or the legs of wool trousers. These little knots or nodules can be combed away with a cashmere comb.

A cashmere comb makes removing the pilling easy without damaging your knit. (There are other techniques like using a cashmere razor which are more damaging to the fibres.)
How do I use a cashmere comb?
Carefully go over your cashmere or woollens with the pilling comb, gently comb any pills or lint out of the fabric. The key to success is using light, small strokes and not rushing the process!

If you are gentle you can thoroughly remove any fuzz without ruining your favourite cashmere pieces.
How else should I care for my cashmere?
Cashmere doesn’t need cleaning very often so if you’ve only worn your jumper once or twice, try airing it out between wears. As wool is naturally antibacterial, it should get its freshness back quite quickly. When it does need to be cleaned, gently hand wash your cashmere with cold or warm water. (Hot water and heavy spin cycles will make it shrink.)

Make sure your cashmere is completely dry and clean when putting it away. If packing your cashmere away for a long time, put it with some lavender, cedarwood or in an anti-moth bag.