The Wonderful World of Wool (Duvets & Pillows)

Quite possibly the most luxurious duvets & pillows you will ever know, wool is 100% natural. Wool’s natural capability to warn you up, alongside its moisture-wicking and temperature regulating properties make it the dreamiest, most indulgent, filling in bedding, keeping you comfortable all night.

Just a few points on what makes wool so wonderful in a duvet or pillow:

  • Naturally temperature regulating, making it suitable for both hot & cold sleepers and for all climates
  • Wool is a naturally renewable & biodegradable fibre
  • Wool is renowned for its warmth and comfort and its unique resilience & strength
  • Ultra-smooth fibres are naturally resistant to dust & mites, perfect if you are allergic to down

The Rise & Fall Organic Wool Duvet & Pillow range.

Wool bedding by Rise & Fall is not just any wool, it is 100% Organic, British Wool. This means all the benefits of regular wool, and then some. Most importantly (in our humble opinion), is that Organic means no nasty chemicals are used in the production of the wool filler. We find this crucial, as it means the end products are safe for the whole family, big & small, 2 legged & 4-legged, and ensures animal welfare. The fact that we use only British Wool, means that we can trace the origin of the wool, again guaranteeing animal welfare as the farms are monitored by an independent organisation (The Campaign for Wool, the patron of which is HRH The Prince of Wales).

To ensure that the Organic British Wool is ‘properly dressed’, we use Oeko-Tex certified, 100% earth-friendly cotton. This means ultra-breathable, letting the fabulous filling do its thing. The stitching pattern on the duvets is specifically designed to ensure that the filling is evenly distributed & stays in place. And speaking of design, a small but important detail: a label is sewn on to indicate the short side, making sure the duvet cover goes on right the first time round.

To summarise:

  • The Rise & Fall Organic Wool bedding Range is made entirely of 100% British Organic Wool, traceable right back to the farm
  • Shell is Oeko-Tex certified, earth-friendly, 220 thread count soft cotton
  • Stitching pattern keeps fill in place and evenly distributed
  • A label on the short side makes sure the duvet cover goes on right first time round
Choosing a wool duvet or pillow.
  • 4.5 tog equivalent (duvets): the lightest of our duvets: recommended for extremely hot sleepers & hot climates. Makes for a good summer duvet in the UK.
  • 10.5 tog equivalent (duvets): our best-selling variant: an all-rounder that keeps hot sleepers cool, and chilly customers toasty, all year long. Pure magic really.
  • Soft (pillows): A light and fluffy pillow for those who just want a little something to rest their weary heads on.
  • Medium (pillows): The perfect combination of pliability & support. Our most popular pillow – suits most.
  • Firm: A lot of support packed into a pillow. Can be used to prop up when reading or as back support when sitting. Or for those who just really like a firm pillow.

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