Why Wool Bedding is Perfect for Summer

What’s in your bedding? Have you discovered wool yet?

We often associate wool with the colder months, picturing cosy jumpers and blankets. Yet wool has many useful properties that make it an excellent choice for summer too. It’s very breathable, odour resistant and great at regulating temperature. The same things that make wool a breathable clothing item also make it great for your summer bedding. Imagine the same set of bedding being able to keep you warm and cosy in the winter and cool and fresh in the summer. Well, that’s what wool bedding can do.

Whether you’re usually a hot or cold sleeper, when temperatures soar, breathable bedding can be a real life saver. If you appreciate a cool and comfortable night’s sleep, then a wool duvet, pillow or mattress protector is just the thing.

What is Organic Wool?

Not all wool is made equal. There are certain guidelines that apply for wool to be called organic. Organic wool comes from sheep that haven’t been exposed to harsh chemicals like pesticides and farms that put animal welfare and the environment first. With all the right processes in place, wool is a super-strong fibre that is natural, renewable, biodegradable and durable.

Why is organic wool bedding better?

For quality bedding, your best bet is organic wool as it hasn’t been exposed to harsh chemicals. You’ll have stronger, better quality wool with its lanolin coating intact. A lot of wool’s good properties rely on that coating being intact to work. It’s the lanolin that makes your wool bedding naturally flame retardant, antimicrobial and moisture-wicking.

Not to mention you’ll be able to rest easy knowing your bedding comes from happy sheep and healthy farms.

What are the benefits of wool bedding?

There’s a reason why communities have been raising sheep and shearing their wool every spring for centuries. It’s a wonderful fibre with all sorts of excellent properties:

  • For starters, it’s a very strong and malleable fibre, both easy and comfortable to use.
  • It’s very breathable and great at regulating body temperature. (When it’s hot outside your wool bedding’s exceptional breathability allows it to release warmth as needed - so that you don’t overheat.)
  • It’s also moisture-wicking, able to absorb around a third of its own weight in water before feeling wet to the touch.
  • It’s naturally antimicrobial as the waxy coating around the fibres inhibits the growth of mould, mildew and bacteria. This in turn makes it odour resistant, a pretty useful property for summer bedding wouldn’t you say?
  • Wool bedding is an excellent choice for those who struggle with down, feather and dust mite allergies. It’s naturally hypoallergenic and flame retardant, with no need for chemicals - perfect for those with sensitive skin.
  • Being a fully renewable fibre, that’s 100% biodegradable, wool makes for much more sustainable bedding too.
Take all that into account and you’d have to agree that a wool fill is the basis for excellent summer bedding. A duvet that doesn’t smell, a pillow that allows your face to breathe, and a mattress topper that’s antimicrobial, you can easily see why wool bedding makes for a sounder sleep.

How does wool bedding compare to synthetic or down bedding?

Wool bedding is better at wicking moisture, keeping you cool and comfortable all night long.

Wool bedding also provides a slightly different weight and texture to feather or down bedding. A wool pillow for example is slightly firmer, so your head will feel more supported, while a wool duvet will hold its shape better making for a very comfortable night’s sleep.

Unlike synthetic or down bedding, duvets and pillows filled with wool are naturally hypoallergenic and resistant to mould and dust mites - ideal for those who can’t use down bedding due to allergies.

Down bedding can be very comfortable too but either way, we would recommend keeping it natural. Synthetic pillows, duvets or any type of synthetic bedding can be very uncomfortable and not very breathable. Not sure which pillow to choose? Check out our guide to choosing the right pillow for your sleeping type. LINK

What Rise & Fall bedding comes in wool?

Organic wool pillow

Of all the bedding items you buy, a pillow might be the most important. Our wool pillow is filled with 100% organic wool and wrapped in 100% organic cotton for pure comfort. It’s available in soft medium or firm, in sizes standard or super king.

Organic wool duvet

You can buy Rise & Fall duvets in two different togs. 4.5 tog is perfect for hot sleepers & summer nights while our 10.5 tog will keep you much warmer. Both duvets are made of 100% organic wool fill and 100% organic cotton shell.

Organic wool mattress protector

Treat yourself to an extra layer of comfort and protect your mattress all at the same time. Our mattress protector comes in all standard UK sizes and is 100% organic.

Organic wool mattress topper

Slightly thicker than the mattress protector, our mattress topper provides a little extra comfort, support and warmth - for a luxuriously comfortable sleep.

To make sure all our wool bedding is fully breathable, our pillows, duvets, mattress toppers and mattress protectors are all wrapped in 100% organic cotton. The high-quality cotton fibres help maintain those all-important temperature-controlling benefits. They also mean our bedding is 100% natural and biodegradable.

All our bedding is made in the UK by expert artisans who supply multiple luxury hotels.