Men's Cashmere

Luxuriously soft men's cashmere to wear all year round

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How to wash cashmere sweaters?
To wash your cashmere sweater simply put it in your washing machine on a hand wash cycle (on a low spin and cold temperature). Make sure you use non bio detergent as biological detergent can damage animal fibres over time. You can also handwash your jumper in a tub or basin but make sure not to wring it out or you may change the shape.

To dry your cashmere sweater simply lay it flat on a towel or rack. Be patient, it needs to be completely dry before you put it away.
Where does cashmere come from?
Cashmere is traditionally harvested from the goats living in the Kashmir Valley and surrounding areas of Nepal, China and Mongolia. Though cashmere goats are kept in many parts of the world now, ours comes from Mongolia.

The goats have evolved to survive temperatures as low as -30°C, with a double layer of fleece. It’s their second layer, the undercoat of ultra-fine, ultra-insulating hairs that we call cashmere.