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Cashmere Scarf

Nothing makes you feel cosier than a good cashmere scarf. Sling it around your neck to elevate your look, wrap it up tight to keep out the draft, or snuggle into it while snoozing on a long journey. Cashmere is a wonder fabric, so of course, we’d make it into a scarf! Explore our stylish cashmere collection, in smart and versatile hues. Now you can face winter head-on, with your trusty cashmere scarf.


What’s so good about a Rise & Fall cashmere scarf?
Our scarves are made with the very best cashmere by the very best manufacturers. We use 100% A grade Mongolian cashmere which has luxuriously long fibres. These long fibres make your scarf extra strong and extra soft, so it lasts for longer and feels heavenly soft.

With high-quality cashmere, you can get a whole lot of warmth with very little weight so snuggle into your cashmere scarf and when you don’t need it, simply pop it in your bag or pocket. It’s a classy and easy-going winter warmer.

At Rise & Fall, every cashmere scarf comes with a sealable anti-moth bag to keep it safe from critters.
Where is Rise & Fall’s cashmere from?
Our cashmere is combed from cashmere goats who live up in the mountainous regions of Mongolia. They survive incredibly cold temperatures by growing a soft downy underlayer of fleece. This amazingly insulating layer is what makes your cashmere scarf so soft and so cosy.

Every scarf uses 100% A grade Mongolian cashmere. Only the best for a Rise & Fall scarf.
What are the benefits of cashmere?
Cashmere is a wondrous fabric. It’s sustainable, renewable and fully biodegradable for starters. It gives bucket loads of warmth, especially considering how lightweight it is - making it very comfortable to move in compared to thick wool. Cashmere is also naturally odour resistant and wrinkle resistant - so it’s easy to keep it smelling fresh and looking good. You’ll always look effortlessly smart wrapped in a quality cashmere scarf.

It’s also incredibly soft. There’s really nothing that feels quite as luxurious and we think that’s just as important as the rest!
What sizes and colours do they come in?
We have two cashmere scarves on offer. An oversized wrap and a cosy, longline scarf.

Both the cashmere scarf and cashmere wrap come in black, grey and camel.
Which scarf should I choose?
Both the cashmere scarf and cashmere wrap are made of high-quality fibres, providing lots of insulating warmth whilst still being very breathable.

The simple cashmere scarf is an excellent all-rounder. It suits anyone and goes with anything, and can be worn open, hanging down or wrapped up tight against a blustery wind. If you already have one of our cashmere sweaters, you may want to get the matching scarf or mix things up with a contrasting colour.

Our oversized wrap works equally well as a scarf or a layer to cover your shoulders against a chill. Unlike the scarf, you can really wrap yourself up in it so it works well for travelling between air-conditioned lounges or long train journeys. Wrap your shoulders or cover your legs in cashmere and you’ll feel a whole lot better.
Are they sustainable?
Like all our products, every cashmere scarf we make is designed to last. We don’t believe in fast fashion but in buying excellent quality and keeping it forever.

The cashmere used in each and every scarf is certified by the Good Cashmere Standard, the Sustainable Fibre Alliance and the Responsible Wool Standard. This means rules around grassland preservation, farmers being fairly paid and the sustainability of the entire cycle is very closely followed.

We also look after our goats, making sure to only comb our cashmere fibres in the spring, as they start to shed their thick winter coats.
How should I wash my cashmere scarf?
A cashmere scarf needs washing very rarely. Not only is wool naturally odour resistant and antibacterial, a scarf just shouldn’t get too dirty. If you do notice it needs a wash, or you want to clean it before putting it away in summer, then follow these simple instructions to keep it looking its best.

Hand wash on cold with gentle, non-bio detergents. You can buy specific wool and silk fabric detergents which are specially formulated to look after the natural fibres in your cashmere scarf. Do not iron, or tumble dry. Simply dry flat, shake then put away.