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Cashmere Sweater

A well-made cashmere sweater never looks out of place. Smart or casual, at home or on the go, life is better with your trusty cashmere sweater to hand. Explore gorgeously soft cashmere in everlasting shapes. Our cashmere sweaters are made to keep you warm, cosy and looking good, year after year. Whether you’re the navy crew neck type or more into a grey zip-up, a cashmere sweater is the go-to layer for all seasons.


What is cashmere?
Cashmere is a wondrously soft fibre that comes from the cashmere goat. These goats live through very cold temperatures, up in the mountains in Mongolia, China and other Himalayan areas. The coat they grow to survive these temperatures comes in two forms. There’s a coarse outer layer to protect them from the rain (similar to sheep's wool) and a very soft, downy underlayer to keep them well insulated. It’s that buttery soft layer that’s combed in the spring when temperatures are starting to warm, and separated from the coarser guard hairs to make what we know as cashmere.

Once the hairs have been separated out, cleaned, dyed and spun into yarns, they’re ready to be woven into our premium cashmere sweaters.
What makes Rise & Fall’s cashmere sweaters so good?
It’s the 100% A grade Mongolian cashmere that makes our cashmere sweaters so good. It’s known for its long fibres which are spun into high quality, heavenly soft yarns. This quality means our cashmere sweaters are much stronger, less prone to pilling and really stand the test of time.

Forget trends, we only make sweaters in classic colours and timeless styles. They’re designed to look good in all seasons so you can keep wearing them, year after year.

Finally, we get the same expert manufacturers to make our cashmere sweaters as the luxury brands do - so you can get all the premium quality without the eye-watering price tag.
What are the benefits of a cashmere sweater?
If you buy a well made, classic cashmere sweater, you’ll never get sick of it.

Unlike a cumbersome jacket, a cashmere sweater travels like a dream. Cashmere doesn’t crease so you can easily shove your sweater in a bag and pull it out when the temperatures drop. It makes for an incredibly comfortable, lightweight sweater, that’s both insulating against the cold and breathable all at the same time.

And apart from all that, a cashmere sweater is pure luxury to hold, wear and hug!
What colours, shapes and sizes are available?
Our women’s sweaters come in black, grey and camel. Choose from a V-neck or crewneck sweater in women’s sizes S - XL.

Our men’s sweaters come in black, grey and navy. Choose from a crewneck or zip-up sweater in men’s sizes S - XL.
How should I take care of my cashmere sweater?
Like all wools, cashmere is naturally odour resistant so you don’t need to wash it as often as a cotton sweater. When you do wash it, make sure to wash it by hand or on a wool setting (on a cold temperature and low spin setting). Avoid using fabric softener and bio detergents as these will damage the fibres. Dry your cashmere sweater on a flat surface and put it away when completely dry.

To protect your cashmere sweaters from moths, only pack them away when clean and use lavender, cedarwood, sealable anti-moth bags or vacuum pack bags. (At Rise & Fall we provide an anti-moth bag with each cashmere sweater we sell.)
Are they sustainable?
Our cashmere sweaters are made with the finest yarns, making them last a whole lot longer. We also look out for the goats, only combing our cashmere in the spring, just as the goats are ready to shed their winter coats. We don’t want our goats to get cold after all.

All our cashmere is certified by the Good Cashmere Standard, the Sustainable Fibre Alliance and the Responsible Wool Standard. These ensure grasslands are preserved, cashmere farmers are fairly paid and the entire cycle is sustainable. So you can rest easy knowing your sweater was made with sustainability in mind.