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Organic Cotton T-Shirts

Rise & Fall organic cotton t-shirts are durable, flattering and incredibly soft. What’s our secret? We have a few. Made with 100% GOTS certified organic cotton, our t-shirts feel baby-soft against your skin. The cotton is expertly spun, then woven into a premium weight fabric that hangs just right and gets even better with wear. Explore luxurious quality, organic cotton t-shirts, in a range of subtle tones and classic styles that you’ll want to wear forever.


What does organic mean?
Organic farming has a smaller impact on the environment than traditional farming methods. It favours natural fertilisers over chemical fertilisers and promotes ecological balance.

There are clear rules around all organic farming whether that’s for organic food, organic wine, or organic fabric production.
What is GOTS certified organic cotton?
Organic cotton is grown without toxic pesticides and synthetic fertilisers. Instead, it uses fertilisers of organic origin like manure. As it creates less pollution and uses less water than traditional cotton farming, organic cotton is much better for the environment.

For cotton to be labelled GOTS certified organic (by the Global Organic Textile Standard), all stages including soil preparation, seeds, weed and pest control must be chemical-free.
What makes organic cotton better for the environment?
Buying organic cotton is better for both the farmers and the environment. Conventional (non-organic) cotton farming uses a lot of harsh chemicals. These chemicals have a large impact on the local air, water, soil, and the physical health of people in surrounding areas.

Organic cotton on the other hand avoids using these chemicals so has much less of an impact on the surrounding life systems.

Organic cotton is also better as it uses as much as 91% less water than regular cotton. Organic cotton is good for soil health too. It raises nutrient levels and prevents soil erosion.
What makes organic cotton better for the farmers?
The harsh chemicals used in non-organic farming can have a severe impact on local resources like water and local communities’ health. Being around all these chemicals isn’t any good for the farmers using them either.

The rules around organic cotton also make sure that farmers are paid a fair wage, and ethical working conditions are met.
What makes organic cotton better for t-shirts?
Being free of harmful chemicals and pesticides, organic cotton is much healthier and especially great for sensitive skin.

Organic cotton is stronger, smoother and more durable as the fibres aren’t damaged by processing with harsh chemicals. All in all organic cotton t-shirts are softer, better quality and last a lot longer too.
Where are Rise & Fall organic cotton t-shirts made?
Our organic cotton t-shirts are expertly made in Portugal.
What organic cotton t-shirts are available?
Our organic cotton t-shirts come in both men's and women's shapes, in a set of timeless, versatile colours and classic shapes that won’t go out of style.
What men's t-shirts are available?
Our men’s organic cotton short sleeve t-shirts come in navy, black, grey and white. They have a classic crewneck shape and a comfortable slightly loose fit.

Our men’s organic cotton long sleeve t-shirts come in black, grey and white.
What women's t-shirts are available?
Our women's organic cotton short and long sleeve t-shirts come in black, grey and white.

Both short and long sleeve organic cotton t-shirts are available in crewneck and round neck shapes for a cool and classic look.
What t-shirt sizes are available?
Both our men's and women's organic cotton t-shirts come in sizes S through to XL.