Wool Duvet - The Benefits

When it comes to premium duvets, down is often touted as the best, and with good reason too. It’s natural, lightweight and really great at keeping you cosy. But what if you could do even better? Enter the wool duvet - the all-natural way to a superior night’s sleep.

When we talk about wool, we’re usually thinking of jumpers, rugs, cosy winter scarves, hats and the like. A wool duvet doesn’t usually spring to mind. But forget what you know about wool for a second because we’re about to introduce you to a whole new side of it.

Why wool?

So wool is a bit of a super fibre. It’s fully biodegradable, hypoallergenic, temperature regulating, antibacterial and strong. There’s a whole lot to love about it. You can see why it’s been used for centuries for everything from cosy winter coats to, more recently, sport friendly base layers. And what if we were to use all that goodness while we catch a few Z’s, simply putting it in our duvet?

Keeping you just the right temperature

The temperature regulating qualities of a wool duvet make all the difference. It’s great at keeping you warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s hot. So whether you like sleeping snuggly in a heated room, or cocooned under layers with the window open, a wool duvet has you covered.

100% natural, 100% organic

Unlike synthetic duvets that are often treated with chemicals, a wool duvet is 100% natural. The fibres themselves are natural of course but they also don’t need a flame-resistant treatment that many synthetic duvets are given. This is because the wool fibres have a natural lanolin coating making them more flame resistant.

Note: To get the all-important breathability of a wool duvet, the cover has to be natural too. Try Rise & Fall’s wool duvet which is wrapped in 100% organic cotton. Without that, you’d lose all the moisture-controlling benefits, which would be silly.

No more allergies

Wool also makes a great choice for those who struggle with down, feather and dust mite allergies. A wool duvet’s hypoallergenic qualities keep all sorts of nasties at bay to ensure a much smoother slumber for those with sensitive skin.

Note: For this to work your wool has to be organic so do your research and make sure you’ve got the right thing.

Always smelling fresh

Ever noticed how 100% wool jumpers don’t need washing as often? The same protective lanolin coating that makes the fibres more flame resistant keep your wool duvet smelling fresh too. The fatty acids within this clever waxy coating stop the growth of mould, mildew and bacteria. Pretty neat huh?

Drift off under a cloud

The best bit about a wool duvet? It’s incredibly comfortable. It keeps you warm but isn’t too heavy and doesn’t bunch up like feathers do - ideal if you’re a bit of a nighttime wriggler. This lightweight malleability makes it much easier to manage so you don’t have to wrestle to get your duvet inside the cover.

What’s so great about Rise & Fall’s wool duvets?

On top of all the great benefits we’ve just seen, at Rise & Fall we’ve gone the extra mile to make our wool duvets just right. Here’s how

  • Our duvets come in two different weights to suit your sleeping preference. (Our 4.5 tog is perfect for hot sleepers & summer nights while 10.5 tog is great for those who like to get cosy & toasty & colder climates.)
  • All-natural: our duvets are made of 100% organic wool fill and 100% organic cotton shell
  • Each duvet is made to order in the UK
  • We’ve even thought of those little extras, like labels to help you put the cover on right and a handy canvas bag to store your duvet when you’re not using it.

Ready to make the switch? Shop wool duvets