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Snuggle up in 100% natural duvets


What is the difference between the different duvets?
Both our duvets are very breathable, temperature regulating and 100% natural but the difference is in the fill. One is filled with 100% recycled down and the other 100% organic wool.
What makes Rise & Fall duvets so good?
We design our bedding to be good for you and the planet.

Both our duvets are made with all natural materials so they’re fully biodegradable. Whether you’re going for the wool duvet or the down duvet both are temperature regulating, breathable and moisture wicking making for a supremely comfortable, sweat-free, night’s sleep.

Both our duvets are wrapped in a high quality organic cotton shell so they can maintain all their temperature regulating qualities. There’s no point having such high quality fill, then wrapping it in a fabric that can’t breathe!

Our duvets even have clever little labels to help you put the duvet cover on right, the first time round.
What material are they made out of?
Our wool duvet is made with 100% organic wool, wrapped in 100% organic cotton.

Our recycled down duvet is made with 100% recycled down, wrapped in 100% cotton.
Which duvet should I choose?
Both our duvets provide a comfortable and breathable night’s sleep so it’s really up to you which you choose. You might prefer the ideal of a down duvet, especially knowing it’s made with recycled materials making it our most eco-friendly duvet. Or you might like the idea of a cosy wool duvet that’s 100% organic. Our wool duvet is the perfect, natural alternative for those who are allergic to down. (Though it’s good to bear in mind these allergies are usually due to low quality down filling that hasn’t been properly cleaned. The filling for our down duvet has been de-dusted, sterilised and washed using the latest technologies).

The wool duvet also comes in a two tog options. 4.5 tog is perfect for hot sleepers & summer nights, whilst 10.5 tog is great for those who like to get cosy and toasty.
What sizes are available?
Both our duvets are available in UK Double, UK King, and UK Super King. While our wool duvet is also available in UK Single.
What thickness or tog is available?
Our Organic Wool Duvet comes in 4.5 and 10.5 tog while our Recycled Down Duvet only comes in 10.5 tog.
Are they sustainable?
Both our duvets are 100% natural and fully biodegradable.

Made with 100% recycled down, our Recycled Down Duvet is our most eco-friendly duvet yet.
How long can I use a duvet?
How long you keep a duvet depends on the quality of the item and how well used it is. If it is very stained or starts to smell, it may be time to get rid of it. But with the proper care you should be able to keep a high quality duvet for 15 years or more. Especially if the duvet is made of natural materials that are highly breathable and naturally hypoallergenic.
Can I wash a wool duvet?
You can wash a wool duvet but it isn’t advised you do this very often. In fact your wool duvet is naturally breathable and hypoallergenic so really doesn’t need washing. Instead you can regularly air out your duvet in a well ventilated room.

If you would like to wash it make sure you use detergent that is made for wool, a 30℃ wool cycle and a washing machine big enough for it to move around comfortably.
Can I wash a down duvet?
High quality down duvets won’t need laundering too often as they are naturally breathable and quite resistant to mould and mildew. When you do need to wash your down duvet make sure you wash and tumble on a low heat. The duvet must have enough room to fully re-loft in the dryer drum (at least 60% empty space) so you may need to use a professional service.
Should I go up a size in the duvet?
If you find yourself fighting over the duvet with your partner, or want more luxurious cosiness, you could consider going up a size in the duvet. Though be aware that as the weather warms, the extra width may feel like too much weight and fabric. Many people get round this by having 2 duvets, one for summer and one for winter.

If you do size up, don’t forget you’ll need bigger bedding for your duvet too.