Men's Cashmere Jumpers

Soft, durable and stylish: men’s cashmere jumpers

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What is cashmere?
Cashmere is a type of wool that comes from the cashmere goat. It is collected in spring when the goats are moulting and gently combed from the goat’s coat. The soft downy hairs that keep the goats warm in winter are separated from the coarser guard hairs and the result is cashmere.

Cashmere has been used for generations in shawls and scarves, hats and gloves, and men’s and women’s clothing but it’s especially well loved in jumper form. Because cashmere wool is so soft, warm and supple it creates jumpers that are very insulating yet comfortable and lightweight. Cashmere jumpers are very versatile too. They can be worn year round, with almost anything.
What is different about cashmere from Rise & Fall?
At Rise & Fall we use 100% A grade Mongolian cashmere, well known for its long, fine fibres. The extra long, extra fine fibres are what make our cashmere jumpers so soft and so long lasting.

The long fibres need fewer ties, which in turn means less exposed ends. The result? A supremely soft cashmere jumper that is far less likely to pill. A cashmere jumper from Rise & Fall is made to last year after year, maintaining its softness, bulk and insulating power.

We also make sure our cashmere jumpers are made in simple, flattering cuts, in timeless colours that will age well so you can keep them forever.
Why are cashmere jumpers so expensive compared to other wool jumpers?
Cashmere jumpers are expensive for a few reasons.

Cashmere is quite delicate so needs to be treated with care. It takes a lot more cashmere goats to produce the same amount of wool than sheep. Also, cashmere can only be harvested once a year so there’s a limit on how much you can make. It is also more rare. There are far fewer cashmere goats in the world than sheep, so cashmere ends up being more expensive.

Cashmere also takes longer to harvest. Whereas sheep’s wool is shorn, cashmere has to be delicately combed from the goats’ coats.
Is cashmere worth it?
We think cashmere is worth the price because of how good it is at keeping you warm. You’d need a good few cotton layers to keep you as warm as a cashmere jumper and you would be very weighed down by the weight of it all. Cashmere on the other hand is very lightweight and supple. It makes for exceedingly comfortable jumpers, that you can wear day in, day out.

As long as you buy a classic looking cashmere jumper, you can continue to wear it for years and years. In fact, if you treat your cashmere jumper properly, it can last you for a lifetime. High quality cashmere jumpers can easily be passed down to the next generation.
How do Rise & Fall cashmere jumpers make luxury affordable?
Thanks to our innovative business model, we spend more on our materials and manufacturers and a whole lot less on advertising. We partner with the same manufacturers as leading luxury brands to bring you beautifully made clothes - be that a white t-shirt or a cashmere jumper - at a fraction of the price.
Can I wear a cashmere jumper all year round?
Even though cashmere is so insulating it is also very breathable and temperature regulating. This means a cashmere jumper can easily be worn all year round, including in the summer. It’s also super handy as it doesn’t wrinkle easily so you can pop a cashmere jumper in your bag, fling it in the back of the car and pull it out when the temperature drops at the beach or on a summer’s evening.
What men’s jumpers are available?
Our men’s cashmere jumpers are available in four different styles. We have a crew neck jumper, a v-neck jumper, a turtleneck jumper, a ¼ zip jumper and a full zip hoodie.

Check out our men’s merino wool jumpers for a different style layer.
What colour men’s jumpers are available?
Our men’s crew neck jumpers, v-neck jumpers, ¼ zip jumpers and full zip hoodies are available in toast, grey, black, navy, burgundy and ocean.

While our men’s turtleneck jumpers and v-neck jumpers are only available in black, grey and navy.
What sizes are available?
Like all our men’s jumpers, the men’s cashmere jumpers are available in sizes S to XL.
How do I care for my cashmere jumper?
Cashmere is a delicate fibre so needs to be treated with care. Being naturally odour resistant, your cashmere jumper won’t need washing very often. In fact you can prolong the time between washes by hanging it out to air in a well ventilated room or by an open window. You’ll find your jumper smelling good as new within a couple of hours.

When your cashmere jumper does need a wash, pop it in the washing machine on a gentle cycle with a wool detergent. You can also choose to hand wash your jumper, just be careful not to wring it too forcefully as this can misshape it.

Dry your cashmere jumper flat on a rack or towel and put it away in its anti-moth bag only when completely dry. You can also keep your jumper with some cedar wood or lavender to help repel moths.
What should I do if my cashmere jumper pills?
If your cashmere jumper does pill, you can use a cashmere comb. Simply lay your jumper down on a flat surface, hold it taught with one hand and comb away the bobbles with gentle strokes. A cashmere comb is better than an electric razor or pilling tool as it is far less likely to damage the individual fibres of your cashmere jumper.